Axiom Aloevera Amla Juice

Axiom Aloevera Amla Juice

Manufacturer: Axiom Ayurveda
Type: Others
Package Type: 500 ml Juice
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Axiom Aloevera  Amla  Juice is compose of pure amla juice, aloevera juice, tulsi juice, turmeric root juice, white grass juice and some other essential ingredients. It removes the toxics from body and improves digestive system. It belongs from the category of immunity booster medicines. It is an effective combination of herbs which improves the functions of organs.

Read the direction mentioned on the medicine before using it.
Use it as per the required dosage and for the prescribed duration

Aloe plants contains water in good quantity thus it keeps body hydrated.
It keeps the liver healthy and proper through ejection of toxics
The elements present in the juice keeps body nutritious and fresh
It also strengthen bones, muscles and liver function
It improves eye sight and oral heath as well
Purifies blood and prevents excessive fat collection

Avoid taking excessive medicine for quicker results.
Keep away from children if medicine is not prescribed to them

Side effect-
No severe side effects are recorded till now.
If you are allergic to any of the ingredient(s) involved in the composition of medicine then avoid using the medicine or consult your doctor regarding the same.

Uses Of Axiom Aloevera Amla Juice

Immunity Boosters

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