Arpimune ME 25mg Capsule 5'S

Arpimune ME 25mg Capsule 5'S

Manufacturer: Rpg Life Sciences Ltd
Content: Cyclosporine (25mg)
Type: Capsule
Package Type: 5 Capsules
*Prescription Required
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Arpimune ME 25mg capsule is prescribed for the treatment of severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriasis. The medicine is also used to weaken the immune system of the body after liver, heart and kidney transplant. So the body doesn’t reject the new organ.

The Arpimune ME 25mg capsule must be swallowed as a whole after having food. Don’t chew, crush and break it. The dosage of the medicine must be taken as directed by the doctor. In case you miss any dose, then skip it. Don’t double the dose.

Side Effects:
Some of the most common side effects of using the medicine are headaches, renal dysfunction, tremors, loss of appetite and high blood pressure with increased hair growth. Most of these side effects disappear once your body adjusts with the medicine.

The use of medicine is not recommended while breastfeeding but can be used during pregnancy with caution. In case of liver and kidney problems dose alteration may be required depending on your severity. However it is highly advised to inform doctor about any of your health problems beforehand.

Uses Of Arpimune ME 25mg Capsule 5'S

Cancer Care

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