Amlong 2.5mg Tablet 15'S

Amlong 2.5mg Tablet 15'S

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Type: Tablet
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Amlong 2.5mg belongs to a group of medicines known as "calcium channel blockers" or "calcium antagonists". This medicine is prescribed chiefly for hypertension and prevention of angina. The tablet is used for the treatment of high blood pressure, coronary heart diseases and weak function of heart. The tablet reduces workload of the heart thereby preventing heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure, blindness and other complications.

Amlong 2.5 Tablet works by relaxing the blood vessels for easy flow of blood throughout the body. This relaxes your blood pressure and helps you in prevention of stroke and heart attack.

Side Effects
Some of the common side effects of using Amlong 2.5mg Tablet includes:
Fluid retention
Stomach pain
Muscle cramps
Nausea and

Uses Of Amlong 2.5mg Tablet 15'S

Angina (heart-related Chest Pain) | Hypertension (high Blood Pressure)

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