Aimil Amlycure DS Syrup

Aimil Amlycure DS Syrup

Type: Syrup
Package Type: 200 ml Syrup
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It is ayurvedic syrup that improves the function of your liver and prevent your liver from damaging. The syrup contains effective herbs like Kalmegh, Kutaki, Nagarmotha, Raktrohida, Sharpunkha, Brinjasif, Parpatr, Nishoth, Punernava, Kalmegh, Giloe, Tulsi, Sharpunkha, Kutaki etc.

- Increases your appetite
- Helps in improving your digestion
- Gives relief from constipation
- Boosts your immunity
- Cleans toxins from your liver


Uses Of Aimil Amlycure DS Syrup

Liver Care | Stomach Care

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