ADEL 1 Apo-Dolor Drop

ADEL 1 Apo-Dolor Drop

Manufacturer: Adel Pekana Germany
Type: Drops
Package Type: 20 ml Drop
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The Adel 1 Apo- Dolor Drop is one of the homeopathy medicine which deals with shooting headaches, migraines, joint pain, muscle pain and other pain related to neck, backache. This medicine is an effective while treating above conditions. It gives you relief in some period of time with regular dosage of medicines. The muscle tension is all way related to headache which is caused by nerve congestion. This medicine also deals with pain in legs. The drops should be taken on prescription only.

This medicine is prescribed for treatment of:
1) Major headaches
2) Pain in legs 
3) Neuralgia
4) Joint pain
5) Backpain
6) Muscle pain
7) Neck pain (in some parts) 
This Adel 1 Apo- Dolor Drop deals with regular all types of pain with shooting headaches and migraines. The dosage of the medicines should be taken by doctor consultation only.

Side Effects:
There are no major side effects of taking this medicine. They are mild- moderate fever, nervousness, some bad breath, mood swings, dizzy feeling (in rare condition). It is only observed when you are constantly taking over-dosage of medicines.

Direction Of Use:
The patient should be given 10-15 drops daily with half cup of water twice or thrice in a day.

The patient should not drive after taking this medicine, as it feels dizzy. The pregnant women should consult first then take the dosage. It is also used in diabetes, but proper dosage is mandatory. When it comes to children, extra check of doctor recommendation is must.

Uses Of ADEL 1 Apo-Dolor Drop


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