Anemia due to chronic kidney disease

A person diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) slowly develop anemia, which leads to more serious condition with progress. Shortage of erythropoietin formation due to CKD, leads to less production of RBCs by the bone marrow. This further worsens as there is less production of red blood cells in the body then required.

Your kidneys can't produce enough EPO if you have kidney disease. Your red blood cell count will diminish and anaemia will occur if your EPO levels are low. Anemia affects the majority of persons with kidney illness. Anemia can develop early in the course of kidney illness and worsen as the kidneys fail to produce EPO.

Chronic renal disease anaemia, commonly known as chronic kidney disease anaemia (CKD), is a kind of normocytic, normochromic, hypoproliferative anaemia. It is frequently linked to poor outcomes in chronic kidney disease and increases the chance of death.