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First Aid Kit - An Essential In Every House

21 July, 2020 Neha

A home is a place we spend most of our time in. Especially during the ongoing pandemic, most of our day goes inside the four walls of our house. Home is considered to be the safest place for every individual.  Is it though without a First Aid Kit in your reach? First Aid kits are essential for every household. Even inside the house, a person may need medical assistance in case of any small injury and First aid kits come handy at such time. First aid kits are basically items and medicines that can be used to cure any small injury or pain. It’s essential in every house.

So what does an ideal first aid kit should consist of?

Put these in your first aid kits 

  • An up to date first aid manual - In case of emergency its easier for an individual to find a guide as what needs to be done. For example - Mentioning which medicines need to be taken during what ache can be mentioned in the guide which makes the first aid guide manual very handy.

  •  A list of emergency contact numbers - In such a list you can mention the numbers of near buy hospitals and clinics. So during a case of emergency, your neighbors can dial them and get going to help you when in need.

  • Latex Gloves - Although you want to help the person in need you shouldn’t put yourself at risk. Latex gloves help you from any infection when helping the person with the injury. Latex gloves come in a variety of sizes so be aware before buying yourself one.

  • Plasters ( Bandages ) - It is a good idea to carry a handful of platers in variety of sizes in your first aid kit. The most common form of injury is a cut so it goes without saying that bandages are the most essential item in your first aid kit.

  • Gauze - Gauze can be used to clean us injury, soak up blood, apply pressure to a wound, help stop bleeding, and even form part of the basic dressing. Since gauze can be used in such multiple ways it becomes an essential item to have in your kit. So make sure you can enough by ordering online from India’s best pharmacy. When you tape an injury with gauze it often allows you enough time to get it checked by a professional if the injury is a deep one. The best type of gauze to carry in a first aid kit is individually wrapped sterile squares. 

  • Crepe bandages - These are used as support for sprains and stains. In case you happen to swell your muscle at home crepe bandages can come in handy to reduce the swelling and give you some sort of relief. So having one or two crepe bandages in your first aid kit might be helpful to you.

  • Small Scissors - Scissors will come in handy when you are trying to cut gauze or bandage so make sure you have one handy.

  • Tweezers - Tweezers can be used while cleaning a wound, removing small stones or splinters. Although you may want to sterilize them before using every time. Make sure you have tweezers in your first aid kit.

  • Surgical tape -It used to secure gauze or bandage to a wound, If the injury is a serious one and deep cute you might want to have stock of surgical tape to be able to assist the wound better till you get some professional help.

  • Antiseptic wipes -People tend to avoid this item in their first aid kits but its an essential one. You don’t want the wound to get infected before you treat it so wiping it with antiseptic wipes will be helpful to keep it clean.

  • Pain relief medication - A basic pack of paracetamol or any of the associated brands will be enough that is basically any medications you take for migraine or headaches should be kept handy in the first aid kit. You may also want to stock up on loperamide tablets as they help with diarrhea for a shorter period till you can get some professional help. If you are short of these medicines you can buy them online in India

  • Antibacterial Cream -It’s also a good idea to carry antibacterial creams like Neosporin for any cuts and scrapes you get. This will help heal them faster as well as prevent any possible infections.

Above mentioned are some essential items that need to be stocked up in your first aid kit to keep you safe and help you during times of emergency at home. Professional help is not always easily available and might take some time to reach to you hence taking precautions and having some help at home will be always useful to you and your family.