Balanced Diet and Nutrition

18 July, 2020 Priyanka Sachdeva

Proper diet consists appropriate amount of nutrients that means all of the nutrients are in proportionate and estimated quantity that are required by a body ,that proper diet is known as balanced diet . It is suggested by doctors for any patients suffering with any kind of problem of stomach ,health or any other issues.

Importance of balanced diet

There are various importance of Balanced diet some others follow:-

1. Proper digestion

2. Energetic body

3. Healthy body

4. Maintain fitness

5. Glowing skin

6. Body momentum

All these qualities are traveled through balanced diet in you as it contains a proportionate amount of every nutrient that is required by our body.

Role of Balanced Diet

Balance diet varies differently for all the persons as it depends on the amount of work you do or amount of time you consume during your daily home chaos or outside task. If you get injured while performing any household or other task then order your prescribed medicines from best online pharmacy.

For example, a person doing labour work or field required more nutrients as compared to the one who is sitting idle at home and just performing household chaos for living and family.

Balanced diet is a chart containing nutrients by required by a body it can be made by a professional fitness trainer, coach, health supervisor or any other doctor. They make the balanced diet chart as desired by a body for your daily performance and task.

Balanced diet is also made for sports professional to perform ,to make athletes perform their best in the competitions and sports tournament . So many wrestlers and other sports players prefer balanced diet in order to improve their immunity and strength and to avoid consumption of excessive fatty foods but to provide more protein to the body for the game they play.


Body needs nutrition in order to work efficiently and regularly ,the nutrition is delivered to a body and blood for performing daily life functions.


Nutrients are components present in food materials which helps in growth of body and providing suitable amount of energy. There are two type of nutrients micro and macro nutrients.

They are as follows:

Macro nutrients

1. Fats

2. Carbohydrates

3. Proteins

Micro nutrients

1. Minerals

2. Vitamins

Other essential components of food

1. Roughage

2. Spices

Nutrients like micro and macro are the nutrients essential for a body even the small amount of lack or deficiency of these nutrients can cause various problems which can be fatal or deadly for a human .

For example, lack of Vitamin A can cause night blindness, loss of vitamin D can cause rickets, lack of vitamin C can cause weak immune system similarly lack of minerals can cause different types of problems like ,Iron deficiency or calcium deficiency and so on. In order to get calcium tablets or or other medicines, contact chemist near me.

Role of Nutrients

Nutrients perform different types of role in the body . For example, protein helps in maintaining a propotion white blood cells and red blood cells . Whereas red blood cells helps improving hemoglobin and the amount of blood in our body on the other hand white blood cells helps in fighting from diseases and maintain immunity cells in our body.

Carbohydrates provides energy to the body from starch, these carbohydrate can be provided to a body from potato,rice etc.

Fat is essential nutrient which provides large amount of energy to the human body, if the fat is not utilised by the body than the person will become fatty or that stored fat will get converted into obesity or shabbiness but fat is also utilised for performing various activities which requires large amount of energy.

Vitamins and minerals perform their own different kind of role in the body.

Minerals are essential in small amount. Some of the minerals are calcium , iron etc.

Vitamins are also required by a body in small amount but are also essential. Vitamin A, D ,C . Vitamin A is provided by the carrot ,C is provided by citrus food and D provided by sunlight and the food components.


There are different types of nutrients which are acquired by the body to perform various functions and these nutrients are equally important for body in all aspects and to perform day to day tasks in life .

We can't say that we have to consume some nutrients in large amounts and other small amount but we have to consume all the nutrients in sufficient and acquired amount that must be satisfactory for our body consumption and need.