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Health Benefits of Mango, Nutrition, Benefits, Types, and More

06 September, 2022 Ananya Das

Original Blog Source: 3Meds.com

Health benefits of Mango

Mango, the king of summer fruits, is the favorite summertime treat for everyone. This superfruit is so versatile and yummy that you can enjoy it in the scorching heat of the afternoon and the peaceful moonlight of the night. It is a tropical, drupe fruit that contains only one seed at the center. Due to its savoring flavor and yummy taste, this fruit is the favorite of almost everyone. Mangoes are rich in nutrient and mineral content and are very good to be considered as a source of vitamin C. Some of the nutritional contents of Mango include 60 kcal energy per 100g of serving, 84% of water content, 15% carbohydrate content, and minerals like Ca, Cu, Mg, K, and Fe in significant amounts. Besides, the fruit contains a very negligible amount of fat and protein.

Health benefits of Mango

Some of the most popular health benefits enjoyable by eating mangoes are mentioned below.

Improves heart health

For maintaining a healthy heart, mango contains an antioxidant called mangiferin. Mangiferin is considered to be very useful for protecting heart cells from inflammation and oxidative stress. Apart from these, the Mg and K content of mango helps in maintaining a healthy blood flow within the body and thus, ensures a healthy heart.

Rich in immunity-boosting nutrients

Mangoes are rich in immunity-boosting nutrients. They contain copper, foliate, vitamin A, E, and various B vitamins. Of all these, vitamin A is the most important nutrient to maintain a healthy body.

Improves digestive health

Mangoes are known to possess amylase, a digestive enzyme. It is found in more content in ripe mangoes and is known to easily convert carbohydrates into glucose and maltose. Thus, making it easily absorbable by the body. Apart from these, since mango contains a lot of water and dietary fiber, it helps in relieving diarrhea and constipation.

Enhances eye health

We all know that mangoes are rich in nutrients, but two essential nutrients like zeaxanthin and lutein are considered best for the health of the retina of the eyes. According to Healthline they are concentrated in the retina and act as sun blockers. Also, they protect the eyes from blue light. Also, mangoes contain vitamin A which is an essential vitamin for maintaining healthy eyes.

Protects you from heat stroke

Mango is a very healthy fruit that ensures to protect you from heat strokes. It cools down your body temperature and refreshes you in the scorching summer heat.

Restricted mango consumption

Though there are so many benefits of eating mangoes, still there are various reasons why you should not consume mangoes in excess at a time. Besides, there are also people and conditions where mango consumption must be restricted to only one fruit a day. So, now let us look at some of these cases and be aware of the concerned people about this.

Diabetic individuals

We all are aware of the nutritional content of the fruit, mango. But do we also know that mango is rich in carbohydrates and has good sugar content? The answer is Yes. Mango is known to contain a measurable quantity of sugar and carbohydrate. And it is not advisable for insulin-resistant people to consume excessive amounts of sugar. So, if you are diabetic then there are already present chances that if you consume more sugar then your blood glucose level will spike. But what do you think, eating mango can also trigger your blood sugar. So, yes it is true. If you consume more than one mango a day, then its sugar content will rise the sugar level of your body and will act like refined sugar when in large amounts. Therefore, make sure you enjoy mango during the season but eat only one mango a day.

When suffering from a GI problem

The tasty fruit mango is found to soothe your taste buds in multiple ways, but if you are already suffering from gastrointestinal diseases or IBS then it can upset your tummy as well. According to Eatthis, if a person is suffering from stomach problems then he should limit or avoid the consumption of mangoes. Eating too many mangoes during this time may make you feel GI distress and hence provide discomfort to your tummy.

Tracking weight for weight loss

Mango is known to be the kind of fruits, not just for the yummy taste it provides, but also for the various nutrients and minerals it contains. But if you are dieting and are trying for weight loss then you should definitely limit your mango consumption. This is because dietary experts suggest that one cup of sliced mango contains 70 calories. If you are on a diet plan, then one bowl of mango is not bad for bad, but if you eat more than that then it will surely hamper your weight loss journey.

Individuals prone to latex allergy

Along with the various yummy taste-enhancing and healthy elements, mango is also considered to possess latex allergy-enhancing proteins. According to Indiacom, the proteins that are present in mango are considered to be similar to those found in latex. So, if people allergic to latex consume mango, then there are high chances that they will develop hives, itchy skin, and in severe cases even breathing difficulty and swelling in the throat. Hence, from the above discussion, we can say that although mango is a tempting fruit for our taste buds, we should try to limit our eating habits with mangoes. Eating an acceptable amount of mango will not only enhance your happy mood but also enhance your healthy body. So, this summer make sure to enjoy mango but keep in mind the quantity you are eating.


Different ways of consuming mangoes

Although mango is such a fruit that is delicious even while eating it is sliced with no extra additives. It possesses all the qualities that are needed by any edible to make you happy and enjoy it. But here we will show some of the simple, easy yet interesting ways in which you can add mango to your food chart.  So, let us now dive into these recipes one by one.

Try mango smash

The easiest and most fun way to eat a mango without using a knife and spoon is by smashing it. You don’t need any special ingredients and arrangements for smashing a mango. Just take a mango, wash it properly under running water, clean it and now get ready to smash it. To smash the mango, just roll the mango and squeeze it gently from all directions. Put only that much pressure so that it won't break the outer skin. When you realize that the flesh is now completely smashed, just cut a small hole on the tip of the mango and enjoy the fresh mango puree without any external aid.

Mango desserts

Mango is already a yummy and sweet fruit. It is rich in flavors and sweetness. So, what can be a better option than converting mango into a dessert and enjoying it with everyone on occasion? There are various ways in which you can use the sweetness of mango to convert it into yummy desserts. Some of the ways can include the following.

  • Make mango puree and add it to the cake mix to make mango cakes.
  • Chop mangoes nicely and mix them with ice cream mix and freeze them to enjoy a cool and refreshing mango ice cream.
  • You can also make authentic kheer with ripe and fresh mangoes.
  • Apart from these, you can also slice mangoes into thin pieces and top them on the pancakes to enjoy the savoring flavor of mango with pancakes.

These are some of the ways in which you can convert mangoes into mouth-watering desserts. So, what are you waiting for? Try them this summer and make others praise your cooking skills as well.

Mango smoothies

Mango juices, lassi, and smoothies are among the favorite ways of consuming mangoes among people. They are not only refreshing but also so soothing during the summer days that everyone of all ages enjoys these drinks a lot. The easiest ways to convert mangoes into tasty drinks are by making mango puree and mixing them with little sugar, salt, and yogurt. Then add in them some ice cubes and then serve and enjoy.


Mangoes are the most versatile fruits from the kingdom of tropical fruits. They are filled with so many good elements and taste-enhancing flavors that no one can resist eating mangoes during summer. Some of the major health benefits provided by mangoes are mentioned above along with certain ways to help you enjoy them. But as it is true that mangoes are full of benefits, the same is also true that mangoes are not at all advisable to be eaten in excess. Eating too many mangoes at a time can upset your stomach and also sometimes spike your blood sugar levels. So, make sure you enjoy the mango season but also take care of your own health.