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Healthy Eye Healthier the Soul

17 July, 2020 Sinchana KO

Eye, a very important sense of a human being, whatever we perceive is through the site of our eye. Eyes are also subjected to the stress and injuries experienced and so are very important to each and everyone to be cared of, it's health is definitely necessary. 

Eyes work with brains they say and so we can recognize a person or anything through the sense and just say it's color, size and other features on a single glance. But how about having an uncomfortable feel of an eye which is truly ridiculous, Yes this happens on many cases such as,

  • A stingy sensation of eyes leading to blur view.
  • Eye redness, sensitivity to light.
  • Mucus produced on or around eyes.
  • Eye fatigue.
  • Night Blindness.
  • Color Blindness.
  • Cataract formation.
  • Crossed eyes.
  • Dry Eyes.

What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

A chronic and typically progressive condition which may not be completely curable, in most cases, dry eyes is managed successfully resulting in fewer dry eye symptoms, and sometimes sharper vision. Whenever our tears are not able to provide adequate lubrication for our eyes, it can be inadequate for many reasons.

Having Dry Eyes may sting or burn, during some situations like watching TV or PC for hours or riding bike, staying in AC room etc.

Causes of Dry Eyes

Healthy eyes are covered with a fluid called tear flim which is designed to remain stable each time we blink which enables clear vision and make us stay away from from Dry Eyes, Surface of eyes remain clear and we can have a good vision because tears are a mixture of fatty oils, proteins, and growth factor that flow out of eyes.

Then what would result to dry eyes?

  • When there is insufficient tear production from eyes.
  • If there is some imbalance in the mixture of the tears from eyes resulting in fast evaporation of the tears.
  • Any problem with any layer of the tear flim may lead to Dry Eyes.
  • Due to Vitamin A deficiency or diabetes there is chances of causing Dry Eyes.
  • Any of the eye lid problems or inflammation along the edge of the eyelids, may cause dry eyes as can contact lenses too.
  • Sometimes the side effects of medications including high dosage sleeping tablets may lead to Dry Eyes.
  • Environment factors or climate changes with hot blowing air, smoky condition on the use of contact lenses leads to the drying of eyes.

Common symptoms that anyone with Dry Eye syndrome experiences

  • Blurred vision at the end of the day.
  • Eyelids stuck to each other after a sleep.
  • Discomfort when wearing a contact lens.
  • Stringy Mucus in or around eyes.
  • Feeling of having some sand particle in eyes.

Some people experiences these symptoms strong enough leading to anxiety, frustration and may find difficulty on daily chores.

How to prevent cause of Dry Eyes?

Just think of the situations that has caused us of these symptoms that we are experiencing and avoid them including,

Direct view for long time toward TV, PC, Phones or whatever which has high intensity and brightness and avoid facing towards hair dryers or air conditioners, car heaters and direct fan towards eyes. And so the potion of the computers should be below your eye level.

Wear sunglasses or any kind of protective eye glasses to avoid wind and the dry air. And also take eye breaks on long tasks like reading and long visual concentration. 

Just take a break and give yourself some time to blink your eyes continuously for few seconds so that the eye fluid gets spreaded constantly and drop some artificial tears if dryness is felt, get the supply once ordered online at your doorstep, and then give an exercise to your eyes for a while, make it more active.

Treatment for Dry Eyes

Any of the treatments  for getting over dry eyes may include lifestyle changes and eye drops. We will likely need to take these measures indefinitely to control the symptoms of dry eyes. Any of the doctor we take prescription of will first make a physical examination then know about the symptoms we are facing and the medications we are taking presently along with the history of the medicines we followed in the past.

There are many therapies that helps to reduce the chronic dry eye symptoms which has Acupuncture and IPL that is intense pulsed light therapy:

  • Acupuncture when compared to artificial tears is more better because it reduces the pains and inflammation which decreases the eye irritation and improve the symptoms and relax into better way.
  • IPL , Intense pulsed light therapy is typically used to reduce acne symptoms and most persons are satisfied after the treatment of IPL therapy.

There are many factors while selecting the OTC products and it is always better to get the medicines from best online medicine shop,

  • Non preservative drops are more essential than preservative drops because preservative drops may often cause irritation when applied more than 4 times a day so non-preservative drops are safe.
  • Among ointments, drops ointments are good only before bedtime because they would make a cloud on your vision whereas eye drops can be applied anytime and interferes our vision.

Applying warm washcloth to our eyes and rubbing gently on our eye leads would lose in our eyelashes rather than cold water and using mild soaps and gently massaging on our eyelashes completely would be the best method to get rid of irritation.


To relieve the science and symptoms why we are waiting for an appointment we have to use eye drops, looking for lubricant eye drops are the artificial tears and avoid the advocate reducing redness in the eyes, eye drops that reduce eye redness can cause eye additional irritation also.

The treatment which  used to treat on, this is depending on the variety of factors we undergo each and every day, we might need different treatment if it is caused by different conditions and most of symptoms will be detected by the best eye doctor who give us the solution for all this and relieve us from the Dry Eye syndrome.

Make our lifestyle changes for the better eye care, as eye is one of the most important and sensible organ of human. Caring of Eye is definitely very essential to us and so let us all worth the statement caring of eye would strengthen our soul.