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Everything you need to know about tonsil stones – Symptoms & Treatment

06 June, 2020 Arpita Karmakar

What do Tonsil stones look like?

The two lymph nodes or fleshy pads which are located on each side respectively at the back of our throat are the Tonsils.

Tonsil stones, also called Tonsillolith is an accumulation of calcified materials such as food particles, saliva,dead cells etc at one particular place in the throat which turn hard enough to form Tonsil stones causing discomfort to the throat


What causes Tonsil stones?


3MEDS, the best online pharmacy in Delhi found out that food particles, bacteria, mucus, dead cells, saliva etc often get trapped in the small pockets or crevices called Tonsil crypts of the Tonsils and as the materials keep building up, they cause soreness and pungent odor letting bacteria and fungi feed on them. And with time, these debris harden into major Tonsil stones.

Very poor dental hygiene

Repeated Tonsillitis 

Chronic sinus

Inflammation in the throat are some of the potential causes.




The small tonsil stones may be very difficult to notice but the comparatively larger ones can cause a few noticeable symptoms. Symptoms of tonsil stones includes-


Pungent smelling breath- The bacteria feeding on the debris or mucus or food particles gives away a very foul smell to the mouth.


Sore throat- When the Tonsil stones become too large, it causes pain and discomfort to the throat.


Trouble in swallowing- People with Tonsil stones often find it difficult to chew or swallow because of the presence of the stores.


Aching ears- Often people go through a constant pain in the ears due to the Tonsil stones.


Persistent Cough-There's a consistent sensation of being something stuck at the throat and hence the persistent coughing.


Yellow or white debris-Yellowish or whitish lumps can be seen and felt at the back of the Tonsils.

How to get rid of Tonsil stones?


Tonsil stones vary in sizes and if they are small they can be removed by some basic home remedies if they start causing trouble.


Home Remedies-


The primal issue behind Tonsil stones is Bacterial infection that occurs due to accumulated particles. Hence basic home remedies include anti-inflammatory and antibacterial treatments like-

  • Rinsing our mouth with saltwater is an effective solution in any sort of oral wounds.
  • Garlic with its antibacterial properties help  fight bacterial growth and infections.
  • Diluting Apple cider vinegar with water and gargling is supposed to dissolve or break the stones due to its acidic properties.
  • Apples, carrots and onions possess strong antibacterial properties to help reduce Tonsil stones.
  • Frequent cleaning of teeth and tongue using good quality brush and scrapers, using mouthwash for bad odor etc so that deposits don't reach the Tonsils. You can buy mouthwash, flosser, brush and other health care products online at a discounted rate.


Medical Treatment-


In most cases, Tonsil stones get away with home remedies or scraping off with a cotton swab or finger. But sometimes they keep coming back or are large enough to be scraped off causing excessive pain and swelling, in such cases seeking medical attention is very much advisable.




Antibiotics can help manage Tonsil stones and not completely cure them since they can't be continued for long. They put a halt to the growth of the Tonsil stones by lowering the bacterial count. Keep all

over the counter medications handy during this lockdown period from the best medicine delivery app in India.



Tonsillectomy is the basic surgical procedure of removal of Tonsils using laser or scalpel for severe and chronic cases.


Laser Tonsil Cryptolysis-

It's a laser procedure to eliminate those crypts where Tonsils are being lodged with the help of local anesthesia.


The bottom line-


Tonsil stones are a very common problem in day to day life and aren't contagious. Unless serious complications occur, practicing good dental care, frequent flossing, staying hydrated, gargling and  limiting nicotine can help prevent Tonsil stones.