Life after Covid-19 in India

17 July, 2020 Rajanya Manna

The menaces of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 is looming large and the entire world is at stake. The virus has been spreading at an alarming rate since its spread from the Wuhan province in China and has already caused catastrophic consequences.

The symptoms of the virus are similar to that of common cold and flu and therefore people in Wuhan didn't realize how devastating it was until many people died of the disease in November 2019. But, the matter became more serious as by then, there had already been innumerable migration to and from the country. All these people, who had returned to their own countries, unknowingly acted as carriers of the virus.

Considering the seriousness of the situation, the World Health Organization declared it as a Pandemic and also warned that the rate at which the virus is spreading and taking over the world, we shall never again be able to return to the normal conditions at near future. 

India, recorded its first case of coronavirus when a student, returned to her home in Kerala as the virus had spread in China on 30th December, 2020. She brought the virus to the country. However, this was not considered much seriously, until in March, when the situation started becoming worse. Most people who were being affected had travel history and were responsible for bringing the virus to the country from foreign sources.

It was after so many cases, that the Indian Government finally imposed lockdown from 24th March, 2020. The lockdown took place in several phases. Till then, India was doing quite good in controlling the spread of the virus. The graph was kind of stable. However, after Unlocking, the situation went out of control and now, almost 30,000 people are being infected each day in the country.

However, we as common people can do our bit to ensure that we are safe and people around us are also safe. To make sure that we remain safe, we must follow the steps that the World Health Organization has suggested:

* washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds frequently 

* maintaining physical distance of at least 2 meter from anyone nearby 

* staying indoors as much as possible and buying medicines for the loved ones. One can do this easily because we, in India have access to the best online pharmacy, like 3MEDS

* wearing mask while going out

However, even after following the norms, it is sometimes difficult to avoid being affected. Therefore we must take care of ourselves and try to remain healthy and fit as much as possible. 

Since the proliferation of this upsurge has already forced us to change the normal way we used to live in, it is quite evident and predictable that situations might never go back to normal as it was before the outbreak of the virus. However, we can always hope to be in a better place in future. 

Follow are a few predictable ways, regarding, how life can actually be after the virus is gone:

* In the first place, the virus may actually never go and we might have to live with it forever. Since it is a man-made virus, therefore it is more harmful and every time we try to invent and apply any vaccine or medicine, it actually adapts to it, and becomes more powerful.

Therefore, it is not really possible to wipe out the virus completely. However, as we spend more time, we might become accustomed to the virus and develop antibodies which will help us from being infected and we might get back to normal life. 

* Masks and sanitizers will become two most essential things to be carried whenever we go out. These things actually never really were essential and majority of the people in India, really did not carry them every time, everywhere. However, post - coronavirus, we will all need to be more careful and wear masks before going out and carry sanitizer to ensure complete safety. 

* Previously, buying essential items, such as medicines could happen by physically going to a shop, however, now, after what has happened, it is best to buy them online from online medical stores such as 3MEDS

* People literally hanging from overloaded buses were a common scene on the roads of India. This picture might completely change as people will need to maintain some physical distance always and also, the government might not allow unlimited number of passengers to get up on the same bus.

* Medical tourism in India has received a major setback. This industry had been flourishing for the past few years and due to the outbreak of the virus and sudden imposition of lockdown, this industry has been suffering. Patients are not being able to come and go as International flights had been cancelled for a long time. In future, India will again need to create a strong base for this industry to gain back its position in the world scenario. 

* India is still quite a poor country and everyone does not have access to internet services. Students of those schools and other educational institutions, which are not being able to take online classes are suffering the most. Their future is at stake.

After everything gets back to normal, even if they get the opportunity to study again, they will still be in worst possible situations, as they might not be able to cope up and this eventually will lead them to not getting jobs, making the situation worse. 

* Countries like India, where already the unemployment rates are quite high, are bound to face more difficulties than others. Due to sudden lockdown, many people lost their jobs and the migrant workers were the most affected. They became absolutely helpless. These conditions are going to continue in future and the government needs proper planning to cope with them in future. 


Thus, we see, situations after coronavirus is going to be quite different from what it was. Actually it is even wrong to say post coronavirus, because this virus might actually live forever and we will develop antibodies to fight with them. Masks and sanitizers will be common in everyone's bags and we will have to face more difficulties in future, if we do not stay safe and contained now.