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Myth busting with Menstruation

17 July, 2020 Gareema Lakra

Menstruation seems like disease to some, and to some a liability. If you ask any girl pushing through her puberty, at first, it’ll be difficult for her to talk, as menstruation has turned into a taboo in India. Yet what she will tell you is, how awful she feels about it, that’s a genuine appeal. 

What is menstruation?

For people who thinks it’s some god gifted virtue. It depends on how you see it. 

Menstruation is a natural process of the female body being a part of the reproductive cycle in which blood from the lining of uterus flows out through vagina. 

The period of menstruation occurs once in a month, staring from an age of 10 when girls hit puberty. 

If you are thinking that’s it, it’s not that simple. Menstruation comes with a load of stress and pain like back & abdominal pain, tender breasts and mild headaches & dizziness can be few signs, with increasing the hormones level of the female body, for which the times of menstruation can be irritable and aggressive for some women. 

It not only plays its role on physical aspect of a girl’s or woman’s body but influence the emotional state, mentality, lifestyle and most importantly health. 

Menstruation, Why? 

Scientifically, menstruation is the sign that the women completed an ovulation cycle and missed a chance of pregnancy. The ovules produced in her body didn’t mate to produce an ovum, resulting in the bleeding from endometrial vessels along with composing the body to be ready for the next cycle.  

Fun fact, do you know menstruation can increase the ability of a woman’s brain? It affects two major parts of brain, hippocampus, the store room of brain and amygdala, the one which process emotions. After each cycle in the month, the respective regions can be found to be bigger.  

In broad times, menstruation is considered as the process of purification, according to the folklore and culture of India. 

It’s such a shame to say, in present days the aspects surrounding menstruation are considered as a taboo, even talking aloud about menstruation in some parts of India are difficult. People think, things like this should be hidden. 

But why to hide something that every woman in her life face in reality? 

The culture and society have created a belief against a simple phenomenon of nature that a huge part of the world, women experience. 

You’ll find numerous myths and stories about menstruation all over India. I’ll try to contain the main idea here, 

Myths and Obnoxious rituals following Menstruation 


  • In Hindu cultures, in India when the girl starts menstruating, for the next 3-4 days till the menstruation period doesn’t end, she is not allowed to enter kitchen & temples. In the belief of at that period of time, the girl is “impure.”  
  • It’s advised to girls to get not involved into any social and religioned activities during the menstruation period. Not to touch anybody, and not to cook any food. 
  • Rituals like, bury the clothes you wore while menstruating, don’t take baths during menstruation period and forbidden to eat sour foods. 


  • Dated back to Vedic times, there is this story regarding Indradev for which the women race was gifted by the power to bear new life inside them and as well given the burden to endure menstruation. 
  • Culturally menstruation considered dirty & impure. Ambubachi Mela is observed every once in a year, regarded as an annual fertility festival held in June, in Assam. A celebration of 3 days in which the temple of Kamakhya been closed, signifying the menstruation course of goddess Kamakhya. 
  • Odisha being the only state of India, who celebrates the idea of menstruation in the positive spirit. They witness a 3-day long festival, called "Rajo praba" ending on fourth day with Basumati Gaadhua which means the bathing of mother Earth, every year in mid-June. In belief of the mother earth menstruating the three days, all girls enjoy and have fun for three days, with a spirit of renounce greatness to womanhood. 

The myths and taboos have depths into our system, that it’s hard to get rid of. For other people to understand the importance of menstruation, and how it can affect and get affected by your health. 

Menstruation can cause hormonal imbalance and if not taken care of can create complications, even the cramps and slight body pain girls experience can be a big problem if the health of the person is compromised. 

Easing Menstrual pain 

  • Mediational – Sometimes to relieve the pain & symptoms like mood swings during menstruation, medicines are over the counter pain relivers, that doesn’t need prescriptions like iburporfen (Advil, Mortin IB, others) or naproxen sodium (Aleve) can be taken. These are also available on best online pharmacy in India. 
  • Natural ways – Do meditation and exercise even during menstruation period, with a healthy balanced diet. Drink plenty of water, use heating pads if necessary. 

How to combat taboos? 

  • Spread awareness - To stay healthy with regard of menstruation, we need to spread awareness. Giving a keen knowledge to girls at their menarche (staring of menstruation), can lead an easy way for them to deal with all the issues menstruation can produce. 
  • Good hygiene - Opting proper ways of hygiene during menstruation is not only important for the one who’s experiencing it but also the people around them. Medicine store online provides all kinds of sanitary products to use in menstruation, that help to maintain proper hygiene during the periods. Counsel more people to use sanitary pads, tampons and menstrual cups. 


Sometimes menstruation is linked with the sexual health of a person, it can’t be avoided that both are linked yet the hormones levels increasing and decreasing during a menstrual cycle have nothing to do with one’s sexual health directly. 

Menstruation is an appreciable biological phenomenon, that every person being male or female or other should have a canny understanding of.