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What is the new Covid-19 variant XE and Is booster dose effective for new variant?

30 April, 2022 Ananya das

Since the covid-19 outbreak, the life of the whole world has come to a standstill. Many people have lost their lives due to the virus until the vaccination for the virus has been found. Even with the vaccination and lack of precautionary measures, many people had to lose their lives to the virus.

Every new season, a new variant is making its appearance to disturb the peace of life of every person. Hence, the need of introducing booster doses to enhance the support to the fighting power of the body against the virus. After fighting the recent two harmful Omicron variants of the virus, now a new variant has shown up. The variant prevailing at present is known as the Omicron XE variant.

What is XE variant of Covid-19?

This new XE covid-19 virus strain is a sub-variant or recombinant mixture of Omicron BA.1 and BA.2 variants. This comes about as a result of a genetic mutation caused by two virus variants attacking the same host cell at the same time. The XE variation, according to INSACOG, is either a jumbled sequence or an example of a person becoming infected with two variants as a result of several exposures.

Though the cases of infection by this XE variant are rising in India as it is more transmissible than the other variants of Omicron, the harm that it causes is still less than others. We don’t need to worry much about its deadliest side as still no such cases of the variant have been found. Even it is said that as most of the Indian population was infected by the previous two variants of omicron, so the immunity they gained from there is found still effective.

Is the booster dose of a vaccine effective over the XE variant?

The booster dose of the vaccine is actually the third dose of the same vaccine that you had been given. This dose is considered the precautionary dose, aimed primarily at providing the waning immunity to fight the covid-19 virus. What these vaccines actually do to the body is that they stimulate the immune system of the body to respond against a foreign body entering the body. The doses provided as the booster dose of the same primary vaccines do the work of reminding the body to prepare and respond quickly on encountering the infection.

Vaccines help in immunizing the body and hence reduce the chances of developing severity even if attacked by the virus. The same is the work done by the booster dose. It helps in stimulating and reminding the immune system of the body to respond when an external object enters the body. But the booster dose never guarantees 100% protection against the severity of the condition of the virus. Unless you take proper precautionary measures to protect yourself from the virus, it is impossible to avoid the infection of the virus.

Hence, just relying on the booster dose is not the solution for healthy virus protection. You need to follow all the precautionary measures to avoid the spread and transmission of infection. Just to recall the measures, we can follow the below-mentioned precautions.

  • Use a mask whenever you move out of your home or come in contact with someone externally.
  • Wash your hands every time before eating or touching your face.
  • Remove all your external clothes and essential wear before you enter your safe home and room.
  • Use sanitiser whenever you are out of your home.
  • Don’t share your personal essentials with anyone as it can lead to the transfer of germs or viruses from one person to the other.
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 10m whenever you are at some public place.
  • Avoid going into crowded places.

Following these precautions can help you to a great extent in preventing the transmission of this new XE virus. No matter the type of variant this Nobel coronavirus develops, always the proper follow up of the precautions will keep you safe. Besides, as the studies suggest due to being a mutation of the previously present omicron variant the chances of finding severity in patients affected by corona-virus is very low. Yet, it is essential that you take your booster dose on time and enhance your immunity to fight the virus as required.