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Can snoring be controlled through Yoga?

25 April, 2022 Ananya das

Snoring is a very common problem among people. It disturbs the night sleep more than anything else can. The disturbance is not just for the person snoring, but also for those sleeping around him/her. Hence it is very essential to know how it can be controlled or its events can be reduced.

Before knowing how it can be controlled or how yoga can help in this purpose.

Let us first know what snoring is and why it happens?

Snoring refers to the production of harsh and loud sounds while sleeping. It is often found to be associated with obstructive sleep apnea which is a sleeping disorder. Snoring happens when the relaxed tissues of the throat vibrate due to the air that flows past them while you are breathing. Usually, it is a normal problem, but for some people, it can be a chronic disease as well. It is because; it may indicate the presence of some underlying serious health problem. Some of the signs that may help you identify if your snoring is actually an indication of some serious condition are as follows.

  • Feeling sleepy most of the daytime
  • Choking and breathing issues at night while at sleep
  • Sudden chest pain during night sleep
  • Severe headaches during morning hours and severe soreness in the throat
  • Lack of concentration and more feeling of irritation while performing any task
  • High blood pressure

If you also experience any of these symptoms then you should definitely consult your doctor. Tell the doctor about every minute detail of your health. This will help him diagnose you properly and treat you with the right medication and therapy at the right time.

Knowing the various symptoms associated with snoring helps to indicate any other serious health issue. Now, let us know actually what causes the snoring to occur.

Snoring can develop due to a variety of reasons. Most of the reasons are related to the development of excessive vibrations into your relaxed throat muscles. When your airways are too narrow to allow the easy flow of air, there develops a forceful blow of air through those airways. This increased flow of air results in the increase in vibration in your relaxed tissues which in turn results in the enhancement of the snoring sound.

Some of the common factors contributing to the enhancement of snoring events include:

  • Excess alcohol intake, as it relaxes your throat muscles and causes the air to flow forcefully through the airways.
  • Lack of sleep, if you are not receiving the right amount of sleep, then it causes the throat muscles to relax. This relaxation results in the development of snoring.
  • Problem with your nasal cavity, in case your nostrils are choked or the partition present between your nostrils is crooked then it may result in snoring.

Besides these, there may be present various other factors that result in the development of snoring. All these factors need to be reduced and the most natural remedy to do so is by performing yoga. Yoga helps in various conditions and improves the health of the doer. Directly we can’t relate the combination of yoga and snoring, but indirectly we can see that yoga is very effective in controlling the factors that lead to the development of snoring.

Mainly yoga helps to prevent the development of sleep obstructions. It provides you with a night of quality sleep. This quality of sleep helps to keep you fit and active in various ways. But the most effective effect of the right kind of sleeping is the reduction of snoring events. Apart from that, yoga is also helpful in relieving other snoring related problems and their causes. Hence, let us know some of the best yogasanas that are very effective for controlling the problem of snoring.

Some yoga in details are explained below

  • Various kinds of pranayamas: Various forms of pranayamas are performed to enhance the healthy working of your nostrils. They help to clear the nasal passage and break the barriers present in the airways. This in turn helps to prevent snoring by keeping the throat tissues tight and working.
  • Bow Pose (Dhanurasana): Dhanurasana is considered best to relieve your chest and neck contractions. These in turn help to prevent the events of snoring by providing you with sound sleep.

Hence, from the above instances and discussions, we can effectively conclude that yoga is very effective to control snoring. It helps to slow down the various symptoms of snoring and results in a sound sleeping cycle.