Ways of getting Harmonious Health

17 July, 2020 Sanjit MM

Health once lost is a great loss forever in everybody’s life. First and foremost, we should be in a position to understand the importance and necessity of our own body organs. For example, in the case of eyes, if we are in a position to look at an item and admire the beauty of the same, is it an easy task?

Unless and otherwise a plethora of activities take place internally, the immediate vision is impossible. It is the same scenario with regard to all the body organs.

In the midst of busy schedule, are we in a position to take care of our body organs properly? Everything is taken for granted. Though we are not in a position to understand the significance of them, at least we ensure that we never neglect them.

Most of the times, we become addicted to tasty items and consume them to our entire satisfaction. It is only after we experience stomach ailments, we think about our stomach and hunt for immediate remedies. After that, then again back to square.

Health will be taken care properly only if the combination of internal as well as external function work together. It is very much connected with our mind thinking. The more we feed our mind with positive thinking the more our health will be sound. But now a days the two factors called stress and tension play a vital role to completely eradicate our good health.

It is at the time of stressful situations, our minds become more agitated and as a result our heart beat loses the balance and also blood circulation happens haphazard. The net result is cardiac arrest which is a quite a common medical term.

Ways to maintain a Harmonious Health

Eating Habits:

Our eating habits share a considerable role to maintain good health. Even though we are not in a position to cherish and nourish nuts and other dry fruits, to certain we should ensure that the food we eat must be balanced with regard to vitamins and minerals.

If it is quite difficult for an individual to assess the properties of each and every food, then in a nutshell the consumption of fruits and vegetables coupled with grains is adequate to maintain decent health. At the most possible, consuming uncooked food items add a significant advantage.


Removal of toxins is yet another methodology to maintain good health. This can be easily done using drinking water. Consuming warm water in the morning hours before food has the potentiality to remove substantial toxins from our body.


The combination of Yoga, meditation and pranayama are the secret mantras to enjoy good health. But everything should be done after obtaining a proper guidance from the concerned mentors.


Of late, almost all the members are fond of utilizing allopathic medicines which provide quick and fast relief. At the same time, it is conveniently forgotten to think about the consequences and occurrences of the same in the near future. It is always better to visualize a big picture rather than showing interest to find an immediate solution.

Even though it takes time, it would be better if the alternatives like Siddha, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic and naturopathy treatments are a proper weightage with regard to assorted ailments. In the case of Ayurveda, the best online ayurvedic medicine shop in India is 3MEDS.

All these methodologies are safe without any further side effects. The only and the only constraint here is a proper diet to be followed at the time of treatment for a speedy recovery.

There is yet another combination of referential treatments in the form of acupressure, hand mudras and foot reflexology methods. A sound knowledge on these terms cure many of the ailments by themselves. For example, in the case of acupressure, one should know the pressure points where the pressure has to be applied using the fingers tips or the related tools on specific places according to the illness.

Even hand mudras have a noteworthy function with regard to treating certain disorders. The powerful hand mudras are:

  • Chin Mudra  
  • Aakash Mudra
  • Prithvi Mudra
  • Varuna Mudra
  • Linga Mudra
  • Vayu Mudra
  • Apan Vayu Mudra

In the present scenario, as we are not in a position to go out to procure necessary medicines, the procurement can be done easily using online platforms where we can buy ayurvedic products online.


Let the mind and body co-ordinate with each other to ensure superior health for all the human beings. It is our duty to admire the functioning of our body organs and preserve them in a safe manner to lead a hale and healthy life with utmost satisfaction.