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How to balance your physical and emotional well-being?

14 April, 2022 Ananya das

A proper balance between physical and emotional well-being is important for healthy living. However, we feel we act accordingly. Your physical health is dependent on how you act. If you feel happy, happy hormones will release in your body, and you will feel more cheerful the whole day. But if you well stressed and depressed, your body will respond accordingly. You will feel more lethargic and uninterested in everything happening around you. This affects your physical being also affects your relationship with your surroundings.

Therefore, it is essential to maintain a proper balance between your emotional and physical health. These are inter-related, and any impact on one will directly impact the other. Hence, we have listed down some effective yet simple ways by which you can balance them and live a healthy life.

Ways by which you can balance them and live a healthy life

  • Sleep properly

Sleep is an essential parameter needed to balance our lives. Usually, we tend to restrict ourselves from sleeping by being tense about our workload. But this is absolutely something that should not happen. Sleeping is a natural healing process. All the mental and physical exhaustion we face throughout the day, sleeping heals our body back from them at night.

If you don’t take proper sleep, it will cause mental health issues. You will feel irritated, exhausted and lazy the whole day. This in turn, will affect your physical health. Hence, to have a peaceful day and enhance your energy for the day, it is essential to sleep a healthy and peaceful night. It improves your productivity and makes you active for the coming long day.

  • Maintain a healthy social life

Humans are social beings. We all have a basic social life and someone has a big circle while someone has a small process with limited people. But being happy with the people around you and staying connected to them helps to make you feel happy and relaxed. It enhances your sense of security and reduces the feeling of loneliness, anxiety and stress. All these in turn improve your level of positivity and mental wellness, which in turn helps to improve your physical health. Thus, there’s a lot of connection between your social life and personal life. Maintaining a proper balance between the both will make your life go smoothly.

  • Eat with proper balance.

What we eat is an important thing to look at for each of us. Eating a healthy diet, filled with lots of minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients positively impacts on our health. It influences our mental health in lots of ways. It controls its development, prevention and management. The right food consumption manages many harmful mental conditions like depression, dementia, and anxiety. Based on it, your mood varies and based on your mood your activities vary hence, depends on it, your physical health.

  • Engage yourself in recreational activities

Recreational activities are stress-busters. These usually include activities that include spending time doing your favourite thing. In this busy life of rushing and hustling, we forget about our hobbies. We start thinking about our busy lives as our final destination for the day and remain stressed. But taking out a little time from our daily schedule and investing it in recreational activities just not boosts our mood but also enhances the production of happy hormones. This all in turn makes it easy for our body to maintain a balance between physical and mental well-being.

  • Enhance daily activity

Enhancement in the amount of daily activity we perform has a great influence on the balance between mental and physical health. It helps to maintain better physical health and improves the internal activities of the body. The blood and oxygen circulation of the body gets enhances and leads to proper energy supply to whole parts of the body.

Besides, you should engage yourself in exercise or yoga for at least 30 minutes a day. Performing this on regular basis will make you stay focused and concentrate your mind and body on the present. Thus, we can see that by enhancing our daily activity via yoga, exercises or performing normal tasks, we can enhance the balance between our physical and emotional well-being.