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Some simple tips to improve your health

12 April, 2022 Ananya das

Health is what makes you. If you care for it properly, it will care for you forever. But the topic of health consciousness has become very overrated nowadays. Everyone just considers health means dieting or training at gymnasiums. But the actual meaning of being healthy is quite different. It has associated with diet control and workout but is not totally dependent on it.

There are various other parameters that need to be controlled in order to obtain a healthy body. Controlling any parameter doesn’t indicate the process of restricting yourself from doing what you desire, but to have everything in a balanced way.

Simplest tips which you can easily incorporate into your regular life are mentioned below.

Minimize screen time

Minimizing screen time means minimizing the time you spend operating social networking sites. These activities are actually very important to have a healthy living. Many important studies conducted by psychologists have revealed that spending more time online pose a negative impact on the brain. It enhances the chances of developing symptoms of anxiety, depression and many more emotional problems. So, keep track of how much you are immersed in your phone and try to control it. This will help you to have a healthy life.

Take a complete night's sleep

How much you sleep is not as important as how well you sleep. The quality of sleep depends on various factors including the level of your stress and how you spent your day. Try to make your day as positive as possible and avoid negativity the most. Alongside, try to complete most of your targets before 10 Pm. This practice will help to reduce your anxiety and allow you to enjoy a healthy and pleasant night's sleep which will eventually add up to provide you with a healthy body. The best sleep time is considered to be 6 to 8 hours daily. So, don’t forget to get your quality sleep hours counted right.

Count what you achieve

Maintaining a written account of your daily accomplishments is very important to having a healthy life. Count every day what you have achieved, and how far have you come along your way to fulfilling your big goal. These small records of wins are very essential and helpful in knowing your progress in life and also influence you towards a bigger win. Besides, it helps to out-stress yourself on every bad day when you tend to feel low confident and heartbroken. So, start maintaining your daily journal and write all your small wins in there.

Believe in your fitness

We all know, that what we believe is what we become. The same is related to your fitness level. The more you believe in yourself, the better will be your performance. Since there is a direct link between your body and mind. So, whatever you will think will get directly applied to your body. Hence, optimism is the key. It takes you to the farthest of ways and ensures you achieve the best and what you desire.

Enjoy the moment

The time you are at is the time you will never get back. How you spend your present moment is very much influential on your mental health. Living the moment and laughing a lot aloud releases a lot of happy hormones. These happy hormones in turn help to reduce your stress and stimulate the activity of your important organs. It poses a healthy and happy influence on your brain and thus enhances the improvement of your health.

Walk more often

In this era of high speed and fast technology, we usually forget the presence of our legs. We have become used to using vehicles to cover even small distances. Besides, all stairs have lost their importance because of these elevators. But as we know, with ease comes many problems. Some of these problems may include obesity and an unhealthy body. So, better you include in your daily lifestyle more use of stairs and walkings. This will be a pain at the start but with time this pain will vanish and you will get the desired healthy life.

Avoid smoking

For a tobacco and smoking addict, it's very difficult to quit them. Stopping the intake all of a sudden feels like taking their life from them. But in the case of continuation of the habit, the chances of reducing the lifespan increases. This increment enhances the reduction in a healthy living period and thus makes you feel more lethargic. Hence, it is important to quit the habit and incorporate healthy habits in you. You can walk on the path of reducing the habit of smoking by investing your time doing exercises, joining support groups and doing breathing controls.