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Obesity and Overweight –what you need to know?

16 July, 2020 Anugraha

Obesity is a health condition which can develop into a serious life threat. We must take this seriously and act fast on that to make our way to a healthy lifestyle. It is defined as the abnormal and excessive accumulation of fat, which leads to the impairment of health.This is not just a cosmetic consideration, which makes people embarrassed and makes them less confident. Obesity is a chronic medical condition and it needs to be taken care of.

What causes Obesity?

There are many reasons as in why people cannot escape from obesity; it is all connected with certain factors like inheritance, diet routine and lifestyle. In addition to these hormonal,genetic and metabolic factors influences body fat. Our body stores the extra fat, which it cannot burn from exercise and daily movements. Obesity is diagnosed when your body mass index(BMI) is 30 or higher.
To determine the body mass index,divide your weight in pounds by your height in inches squared and multiply by 703 or divide your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared. This way we can figure out if one is obese or normal, also obesity can be caused due to some of the following reasons:

Family inheritance

When obesity runs in the family, it is possible that we inherit them through genes, genetics plays a major role in the process of energy conversion in our body. Obesity is caused not only because it runs in the family, but also because of the similar eating and physical habits.

There is nothing we can do from preventing the genes to pass, but we certainly can alter the condition with some change of habits and healthy lifestyle.

Diseases and medications

Diseases and the treatment plus the medications may cause some side effects to the body, so that could lead to the imbalance of some hormones leading to obesity, medical conditions such arthritis, thyroid problems and much more, certain medication, if not followed by a diet might result in weight gain also many medicines like anti-depressants, anti-psychotic medications, diabetes-medicines and beta blockers.

Look for the right information about medicines and the best onlinepharmacy in India, makes it easy for us to buy medicines with authenticity.

Social and economic issues

Social and economic factors are linked to obesity. Avoiding obesity is difficult if you don't have safe areas to walk or exercise. During childhood, our mothers made sure that we got all the nutrients from the food we eat, while growing up, we forgot, what healthy diet is, that led to poor lifestyle and one of the main reasons for overweight. Our peers and society also has a great impact on our life choices.

Our personal choices might be a little poor and it made us a lag behind on the track of health, these lifestyle choices include unhealthy diet, unnecessary calories and not giving your body the appropriate amount of movement and stretches. These poor life choices can be altered if we stick to a healthy diet plan and maintaining it for a long time.

Other factors

Weight gain is more common during pregnancy, most women find it difficult to lose weight after pregnancy, but it is said that breastfeeding can reduce the weight gained during pregnancy

Work related and family stress could be a cause of obesity, handling and managing stress is not everyone’s game but we shouldn’t hesitate to get help, getting help might reduce stress and will lead us to the path of getting back in shape.Visit the best healthcare provider in India for more details on medications and healthcare

Sleep is a major  part of our body's health, by not giving body enough sleep or giving too much sleep, we are inviting many diseases to enter our body, one such health condition is obesity this causes hormonal imbalance in our system.if we stay late at night, it might make us crave for foods with high calories and carbs. this condition should be avoided

Prevention of obesity


Incorporating daily exercise routine is better for body and it will certainly reduce the body fat, if we stick to it and maintain it regularly, fast walking and swimming are the best way to reduce fat.They burn calories faster.

Avoid the food bait

We all crave for foods that are delicious for the tongue and completely unhealthy for our body, that includes spicy food and fried food items, but they not healthy and are a major risk of unwanted fat.

Healthy plan

Sticking to a better diet plan, that includes healthy vegetables, legumes and fiber-rich foods might help us watch our weight and this plan will come a long way with us ensuring that our health is not being compromised.

Monitor your weight

Doing all these healthy routines, but not watching the weight is not going to help, constantly monitor the weight and keep a track of all the records, whenever there is a little glitch in the records, visiting a doctor is highly advised.


Our body weight should be balanced appropriately, our body's job is to maintain the calories we consume everyday and covert it into energy, now by not taking care of our own heath we are stopping our body from doing its job,if nothing works accordingly then we are causing trouble for our own body , every food item we eat has an impact on our body, so from now on,do not hesitate to eat those carrots your mother gives you and do not hate leafy greens,they are way too much healthy.

Pick the best heath care provider in india,to make sure you are getting enough supplements too.This process of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is what is going to come with us in the long run, so that we can live a healthy and happy life.