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10 Home Remedies and Healthy Habits for Neck Pain

15 July, 2020 Gehna Kapoor

Neck pain is a very common ailment reported by people. It typically is not life threatening and a little care and effort can relieve one of the neck pain. Neck pain generally occurs due to poor sleeping or sitting posture and/ or overuse of the muscles. Sometimes, the neck pain can also be cause by a sports injury or very vigorous exercise.

With some easy home remedies, the neck pain takes about a week to completely alleviate or disappear. The following are a few steps and habits that can help in eliminating neck pain and can also prevent neck pain in the future:

Try very light stretching exercise to release tension in the neck muscles

If you feel tension in your neck muscles, some light stretching exercise can help in releasing it. The key is to start very slowly and stop immediately if any pain is felt. To stretch, hold your head with your right hand, and stretch it towards your right shoulder. Hold it for 20 seconds and then let go. Do the same for left side.

Give breaks to yourself

Your body needs regular breaks for mental and emotional reasons but that is not enough. A break and relaxation time can prevent the body from staying in the same position for a long interval of time. This can relax the neck muscles and prevent their overuse.

An ice and/ or a heat pack can be used

In case a person is already suffering from neck pain, an ice pack or a heat pack can be used to ease the pain & better movement of neck.

A.    An ice pack can reduce the pain and the inflation in the muscle. To make a makeshift ice pack, you can take some ice cubes, crush them and put them in a reusable plastic bag. Hold it on your neck for relief.

B.     A heat pack can soothe the sore muscles of the neck. To make a makeshift heat pack, put some sand in a single socks and heat it on the pan and apply it gently on the neck. Uncooked rice or pulses can also be roasted and put in the socks for similar effect.

Either of the two alternatives can be adopted depending upon the requirement of the body and availability of materials.

Use a pain killer tablet and/ or ointment

The last resort in home remedy is using a painkiller ointment and/ or tablet. Ointments like MOOV or Iodex can be applied to the affected area for relief. In case of painkiller tablets, the doctor should be consulted before the consumption of any medicine.

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Avoid holding the phone between your ear and shoulder

While multitasking is very efficient and appreciated, it is not always right when the health is being compromised. It is important to hold the mobile phone to your ear with your hands. Holding the mobile phone between your ear and shoulder can also cause neck pain due to the wrong posture.

Use a good pillow while sleeping

It is necessary to use a good quality pillow while sleeping to prevent neck pain due to uncomfortable surroundings. Try using a soft pillow that easily molds to the shape of the head and neck. It is also necessary to replace the pillows over time as pillows collapse or settle down after a long time of repeated use.

Sleep in a conformable bed

Sleeping is a comfortable and familiar bed is important as it allows us to sleep straight and in a good posture. The sleeping space should not be regularly changed so that the body is used to one sort of environment.

Avoid carrying heavy bags over the shoulder

Carrying heavy bags over the shoulder can put a lot of pressure on the neck and shoulder of an individual and cause pain.

Quit smoking if you smoke

Cervical disks are located between each vertebrate in our spine. These disks act as shock absorbers for the neck. Smoking can reduce the water content in our body. When these disks get dehydrated, they contract in size and this can cause a sharp pain in the neck.

Talk to your doctor

If, despite all the measures, the pain does not subside after a week, it is very important to talk to your doctor for professional treatment.


A neck pain is not a life threatening ailment. Some good habits like taking breaks in between work, using a good quality pillow and stretching exercises can prevent you from contracting it. In case you already have neck pain, an ice or a heat pack or painkiller ointment or tablets can be taken to subdue it. If the pain persists for longer than a week, a doctor should be consulted for proper treatment.