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How to keep your Vagina healthy?

15 July, 2020 Vaidehi

A woman faces lots of health issues and infections in vagina, it is the most sensitive and important part of the body, like we eat, bath and ourselves healthy and clean so in similar we are supposed do the same for our vagina, it needs some special care to avoid any future problems, so let’s see what an infection is and how it caused and know about ways to keep it healthy.


This is also know as candidasis, it is a very common condition between women. Vagina consists of bacteria and yeast naturally in it but when the balance of bacteria is lost it results in yeast infection.

It is not considered as STI Sexual Transmission Infection , it is commonly known as STD Sexual Transmission Disease, sexual contact can do spread but woman not having a sexual life can also catch this condition.


Ignoring your symptoms on any healthy issue can be result in further loss for a long period of time so do not ignore any weird changes or symptoms happening and for vaginal yeast infection pay attention if you are facing the following symptoms.

  • Vaginal itching
  • Redness
  • Swelling around vagina
  • Soreness
  • Pain during and after sex
  • Burning during sex
  • Burning while peeing
  • Rash

White gray clumpy vaginal discharge is an another sign of yeast infection, most of the people says it is the form of cottage cheese or sometimes watery.


There are many different causes behind this infection, so if you are confused about how this was caused, so read the following points and clear up with yourself what is the actual cause:

  • Pregnancy : it is very common for women those who are pregnant to get this infection as there is a major change in hormones and it keeps fluctuating.
  • Uncontrolled diabetes : make a proper diet chart for diabetic patient and follow it thoroughly and if you do not follow diabetic diet plan so it can result in one of the problem that is vaginal yeast infection.
  • Weak immune system : eating healthy and being physical active by playing sports or exercising will help you keep your immune system strong and healthy and will keep you away from yeast infection. Weak immune system is a result of bad lifestyle choice.
  • Poor eating habits : avoid excessive sugary feed as sugar is very bad for your health and intake of food with large amount of sugar presence in it create disturbance in your health and can cause vaginal yeast infection.
  • Hormonal imbalance : days before our menstrual cycle we start experiencing PMS which includes minor cramps and mood swing and sometimes it can also cause hormonal imbalance and because of which your ph level will shake and you will be caught with yeast infection.
  • Lack of sleep : irregular sleep cycle can also result in yeast infection.


Avoid using scented products down there you might feel very fresh and clean after applying it in further it will start infecting your area as these products consist chemicals in it and it not good for your vaginal health. If you want to keep yourself fresh over there so use clean wipes specially for them which you will find in medical store near you.


As we know that the pubes works as a shield for our vagina but wearing our favorite swimwear for holidays is also important, so try to avoid shaving it of first place but still if you would want to use the shaving cream with balanced ph level and no side effects, go through the product careful to avoid any damage.


Do not feel shy and any taboo in asking for condoms in medical shops as what you are doing is taking care of yourself, even if you are a girl you can ask for protection in shops, let people judge later if you face any consequences of not using a protection they are not going to come and help you and if you still are not able too so you can order online at your door step from 3MEDS app.


Avoid using tight under wears and thongs keep your vagina free and use lose and comfortable under wears.


As we never forgot to apply body wash during taking bath so similarly we should not forgot applying intimate hygiene wash to our intimate are strictly from outside.

Clean and dry, V wash are few of the example of intimate hygiene and it should be a part of your daily self care routine, you will find them at 3meds.com it will help you avoid any further infection.


Cervical screening is important for women between the age of 25-64, it will help us deduct if there is any abnormality in our cervix and if it is identified we can start early treatment and avoid and stop cancer.

Consult a doctor if you are infected with yeast infection, he will ask you some questions about what all symptoms you were facing and he might also ask you to take urine test to know then exact condition, if he prescribes you medicines you can now buy medicines online in India from 3MEDS app.


Keeping good care of your intimate area and it will result in happy and healthy life both physically and mentally and also most importantly it will avoid any further infections to take place.