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Relaxing ways after stressful days

12 January, 2022 Ananya Das

In this era of race and win, stress is an inevitable part of almost everyone’s life. From school-going children to working individuals, everyone is living under the burden of stress. This stress alone can host numerous health problems and call the need of taking some unnecessary measures.

Stress and efficiency are reverses of each other. You can never perform any task with full efficiency unless you are stress-free. Along with inefficiency and failure, stress brings anxiety, worry and sleeplessness. Hence, you must be involved with some stress-relieving activities.

Below are mentioned some such activities to help you for Relaxing.

  • Perform breathwork: Breathe work is the most effective and easy way to relax. You can perform it anywhere and anytime. What you need to do is just follow some easy steps.
    • Sit in a comfortable position
    • Inhale with power till the count of 4
    • Hold till the count of 4
    • Exhale with power till the count of 4
    • Repeat till you feel relaxed.

Doing this regularly will help you to feel stressed out. Along with stress its other companions like anxiety, sleeplessness and others will also be relived. Your mind and body will get calmer and your thinking ability will rise.

  • Perform meditation: Calmness and relaxation are what makes a man efficient to perform any work properly. Meditation is the key to calmness at both physical and mental levels. To perform meditation following are mentioned steps.
    • Sit in a comfortable position
    • Close your eyes
    • Concentrate yourself
    • Perform breathe work

Doing this regularly will help not only to relieve stress but also to tackle day to day problems. So, try to make it a part of your life.

  • Listen to music: Listening to calm and peaceful songs are healthy for concentrating the mind and bringing it out of stressful thoughts. It also helps to sleep properly. So, whenever the next time you face sleep issues due to stressful thoughts, plug in your headphone and play your favourite soft music.
  • Go for walks: Walking in the greenery, and inhaling fresh air is one of the best ways to relax. After a hectic day or a long day of sitting and working at a place, you should go to take a walk. Walking barefoot on grass is more helpful in this case. It calms down the mind and allows the proper circulation of oxygen and blood throughout the body. So, next time when you need to relax, don’t forget to try this one.
  • Arrange your room: Already stressed and now frustrated with your messy room? Then what can be a better way than to clean it up? Cleaning the room, arranging the bookshelf and wardrobe makes you feel victorious. Seeing the proper arrangement the mind calms down and enjoys the healthy environment set around. So, if you are already stressed out, then make sure to arrange your messy part of the room, it enhances the feel of happiness on encountering an accomplished task.
  • Read some books: Reading is healthy, but when frustrated it helps more. Yet you mustn’t sit down with a heavy sci-fi or historic book. These books may at times increase your frustration and boost the feeling of irritation. So, read the book which you like the most and if you are confused on what to start with then reading short stories and fables can work in real. The imaginary world of fables takes your mind to a calming state and brings it to the state of happiness.
  • Conduct head/body massage or warm water soaking: After a long stressful day, both the body and mind feels tired. So, it is important to calm down both. What can be a better option than to lie in a warm room or under sunlight and get a head and body massage followed by a nap? It relaxes both mind and body and ensures the flow of oxygen and blood to every part of the body.
    Besides, you can also try warm water soaking. To perform this, you should soak your feet in lukewarm water mixed with some salt and fragrance while sitting under sunlight.


De-stressing is very important for everyone, it helps to live us healthy and work efficiently. Unless we involve ourselves in some de-stressing activities, we remain vulnerable to mood swings, unhealthy cravings, laziness and many more. So, try and make some of your favourite relaxing ways a part of your life. If you fail to identify any such activity then you can give a try to the above-mentioned ways and live happily and healthily.