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Health conditions men and women are more prone to

08 January, 2022 Anuja Sahi

While health issues can be an obstacle in anyone’s life, there are some health conditions that only women are subjected to while others are class of health conditions that men are more prone to. Today, through this article we will discuss about some of the health problems that women and men are more prone to separately.

Health issues or conditions that is specific to women only

In comparison to men, women are more subject to unique health related problems from menopause to gynecological problems. Women, often have to bear exclusive health concerns, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, menopause, and pregnancy. The most surprising fact is that women suffer higher heart attack deaths in comparison to men.

Let us discuss about some of the common yet fatal health conditions in women:

  • Breast Cancer: One of the leading causes of deaths in women is breast cancer. Breast cancer, typically affect women by originating in the lining of the milk ducts, that can anytime spread to their organs, and is the most aggressive and dangerous cancer affecting the global female population. The initial sign of breast cancer is that most of the women develop lumps in their breast, while some are non-threatening, however a medical examination is advised if you ever notice lumps in your breast.
  • Anemia: While anemia can happen to occur in both male and female, but females are more prone to anemia either to heavy blood flow during menstrual cycle or during pregnancy. Anemia sometimes can lead to death, as heart or other organs of the body may not receive the adequate of blood required.
  • Violence against women: While, all the other diseases listed above are either caused naturally, or due to lack in other proper functions of the body but violence against women is something that is caused directly due to human behaviour and nature. Women everywhere are subject to various type of violence either physically or verbally. This lead towards developing health condition of depression, anxiety as well as they may also receive severe wounds in case they are subjected to physical violence.

Other health conditions that women can face are:

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease
  • HIV
  • Maternal Health
  • Ovarian and Cervical Cancer
  • Autoimmune Diseases

It’s not that only women are subjected to serious health conditions, men too have to face health conditions that are either life threatening or can cause fatal conditions gradually.

  • Lung Cancer: Lung cancer is still a major cause of deaths in men. However, it is also true that most of the men face lung cancer only because of their lifestyle and habits such as drinking, smoking etc. Lung cancer is a horrible disease leading to deaths or chronic health conditions in men. It is one of the ugliest, aggressive, and most of the time metastatic.
  • Depression and suicide: Depression and suicide in men are very common, either due to family conditions, professional tensions, or other types of personal tensions. Depression is directly linked to suicidal thoughts, and sometimes ends up taking the life of a depressive man.
    In case, you are also feeling or under depression you may take preventive measures like:
    • Talking to your peer group
    • Family members
    • Seeking professional help
    • Avoiding use of alcohol, smoke, and maintaining a distance from harmful things like knives, medications, or other things that can lead to physical harm or life- threatening result.
  • Diabetes: If not taken proper care, diabetes can lead to nerve and kidney damage, serious heart disease, or stroke, vision problems, and other things that add more woes are the lower levels of testosterone levels in men that lead to sexual impotence.


After, going through this article we believe you would start respecting your health as well as health of both men and women as both of them are prone to some disease that are fatal in their own form.