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Year 2022- How to transform your mental wellbeing

05 January, 2022 Anuja Sahi

We are going through a situation, where we don’t have to just focus on our physical wellbeing but on our mental wellbeing as well. After going through a deadly pandemic situation, we are aware of the fact that for a while we can fight from physical loss, but once it is gone mentally, it becomes hard to recover.

Our determination for 2022

Well, soon after the New Year party of 2022, everyone is worried about the surge in Covid cases, many are affected and rests are praying to not get affected. This is putting all of us under extreme mental pressure and trauma. However, what we have to do this year is to keep our heads held high, and our determination higher than that.

What we as a human built for?

Before we discuss about what we are built for let us discuss what we are not built for. We as a human not built for putting a full stop to our dreams and goals. We are not ought to fear, get scared and stop ourselves from doing something big in our life. All of us are alive, are chosen by Jesus and hence have the potential to reach to the sky.

We are not expected to stop growing, instead we are born to grow and touch new heights.

Ways to transform yourself mentally

  • Focus on the present: Don’t dwell on the past, past can never allow you to move ahead. Instead put all your energy on the present. If you keep focusing on past, you will never be able to see what is next to you, and what you actually need to do at the moment. Sometimes you may have a hard time, but think for a while will it change if you over-analyze that. No! Over-analyzing never solves the problem. Instead it increases it. Instead of over analyzing the situation, try to adapt as per the circumstances.
  • Surround yourself with good company: A good company sorts it all. It was not the severity of cases that affected the mass during pandemic rather it was the social disconnection that made it worse for many. Everyone was left either alone or losing connection with their good friends, and good company. Sharing your mental loads with your friends always paves a positive way, no matter how severe the situation is. If you are getting suggestions and feedback on what you are feeling and how you are doing then there’s nothing great than that.
  • Practice and practice, be consistent no matter what result you get: Change is a marathon not a sprint, which you finish off fast. No matter what, be consistent and true to your efforts so that at the end of the day you don’t have to regret. Daily dedication, discipline, and perseverance are required to achieve success. When you make a goal, be consistent towards it.
  • Set realistic goals: Your goals can either let you down, or let you grow. Yes! Goals when set without looking at its authenticity can put you under extreme negativity while realistic goals always motivates you towards positivity and enable you to work hard. Note down you goals, whether they are professional, academic, or personal. Noting down your goals will help you realize where you are lacking in your efforts and what more you can do to achieve them.
  • Don’t try to change yourself all at once, and in reality you never can: You can never change yourself all and at once. Everything goes by process and even changing your habits need to be done through a thoughtful process. Pick one habit of yours that you need to change immediately, then the other one, followed by others.


Only you are the reason behind your success and failures, only you can with the blessings of almighty can make yourself mentally healthy, wealthy, and wise and once you have achieved your mental well-being you have achieved all, nothing is left to conquer.