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Omicron variant- what we know and what we need to know?

04 January, 2022 Anuja Sahi

The most discussed topic now a days is Covid and its new variant Omicron. The most searched question surfacing over the internet is about Omicron, its increasing case, and its symptoms. However, the confusion still remains about how the virus spreads, what are the symptoms, which age group is most affected?

Omicron: There is much to learn and know

Because of its recent emergence in news, everyone including scientists are not comfortable while sharing anything new that is linked to this variant, however there are many news and speculations that lead to some interesting facts about the new variant Omicron of deadly Coronavirus.

Is the newly found variant Omicron more transmissible?

There are some primary evident that indicates Omicron is more transmissible than other variants of Covid. It is true that Omicron is spreading more than other variants of Covid. However, like other variants of Covid it can be prevented by avoiding direct contact, maintaining social distance, avoiding social gatherings, and all other places of social gatherings.

Vaccine- Effective or not

Vaccination has always been thought to be more effective than any other preventive measures, like other variants of Covid, vaccine has also been effective and considered to be the safe mode for the new variant. However, this must not be taken for guaranteed that vaccinated people cannot get affected with the new variant. Mild symptoms or other symptoms may also occur in people who are fully vaccinated.

Does Omicron variant be detected on prescribed tests of COVID-19?

Yes, Omicron variant is also detectable on available diagnostic PCR and antigen Covid tests; however detailed information regarding this topic is still awaited from scientists and other related experts of the field over the world.

How is Omicron variant different from other variants?

Due to unavailability of facts and sources by the top-notch scientists it cannot be completely said that how Omicron is different from other variants, however on the basis of its symptoms and its severity as well as transmission rate it has been noted to be quite different from other Covid variants.

Omicron variant- Effect on kids

Like the Delta variant of Covid-19, Omicron has also been noted to affect kids; however unfortunately there is no exact information on how severe is Omicron for kids and teens. As per the sources and data kids of South Africa have reportedly been admitted to hospital due to the Omicron variant.

Do we again, need to avoid social gathering?

Needless to say, Covid is all about the severity of transmission and the best way to avoid it is to maintain social distancing and avoid social gathering. Omicron, is gradually taking a toll over the world, hence to avoid further destructions we need to avoid social gathering and avoid places with people belonging from different places.

What can be done, to avoid transmission in family?

If anyone in your family moves outside house on a daily basis for work, then in the case he/she must ensure that they use proper mask, sanitization, washing hands before having direct contact with any of the things inside house, while in the case of elderly and chronic disease patients they should always be encouraged to use mask even within the house, proper sanitization around their sitting and resting area. Use of Ayurvedic kadha, and other immunity boosters should be used for all.

Are all countries affected by the newly found Omicron variant?

As per the reports of World Health Organization, cases have been confirmed in 89 countries, thus making it true that Omicron is available in almost all countries of the world making it worse for the humankind. As per the reports, Omicron variant is spreading more faster than the delta variant.