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Covid-19 lockdown and mental health- How it is affected due to Covid

31 December, 2021 Anuja Sahi

Human being is a social animal, wait! This is a contradiction to the point, we need to follow social-distancing in order to save our lives. From the notion of social animal to social distancing, these terms have a great impact on our life directly or indirectly.

While the notion of social animal teaches us to live in unity despite of diversity, the notion of social distancing itself creates diversity, every 2 metres. Ya! This is how we are forced to live our life. No doubt, Covid-19 and the lockdown followed by it have caused a great negative impact on our mental health.

Social distancing and Isolation Though social distancing has played a key role in curbing the cases of Covid-19, it has also led to some psychological and mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and a type of constant irritation and fear in mind.

Although isolation, and social-distancing led to successful curbing of infection it also led to detachment of people from their family, friends, and social groups increasing mental issues like anxiety, depression, suicide, and substance withdrawal.

Review of Covid-19 effects:

  • Physical symptoms: Cough, cold, fever, sore throat
  • Psychological symptoms: Anxiety, Depression, fear, anger outburst, post-traumatic stress disorder and stigma.

As the Covid-19, is about to enter in its third year the widespread of the Covid variants has led to extreme fear, anger, and devastation of both lives, and relations. The pandemic has been hard on all of us in some ways, for some it was joblessness, while for others it was isolation, childcare and many more. Covid-19 gave us a very common yet most important topic to think for our remaining lives, and that was the importance of our life, and how to live it to make it better.

Self- care strategies during Covid

  • Get proper sleep: Make a proper time for sleeping and waking up. Try to keep your mobile phones and other internet connected sources away from you, so that the first thing when you get up in the morning is not the news of losing lives due to Covid.
  • Take part in regular physical activity: Regular exercise and physical activity can help to alleviate anxiety and enhance mood. Physical exercise will keep you engaged, especially activities like dancing or group dance with your family, which will help you keep your emphasis on the positive aspects of covid rather than the negative aspects.
  • Eat healthy and avoid unhealthy: Keep yourself on well-balanced diet, chose healthy foods to keep yourself physically and mentally well. Avoid tobacco, alcohol and intake of caffeine. Large amount of alcohol and tobacco intake can make your lungs function slowly just adding more woes to your isolation problem.
  • Limit your contact to negative people and exposure to social media: Excessive exposure to social media during such testing times can lead to negativity. Social media and even print media are focused more on news related to Covid and their effect on our health. Try to limit your exposure to such things and people who prefer discussing more on such topics.
  • Blessings in disguise: Covid has given us the time to focus our shift from only running after money to thinking about health and building strong relationship. Covid and its related lockdown have also given us the time to shift our attention to complete our remaining tasks like that of paying attention on your kids, family, and building and connecting strong relationship with our old parents.

It’s normal to feel stressed, sad, anger within you, fear, and other mental effects amid Covid, despite of all the positive efforts that you put to cope with negative impacts of Covid and lockdown. You may find yourself stressed, hopeless, anxious and it is normal. In order to cope with such things you can try following the above steps we believe it might be helpful for you.