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Online Pharmacy- Get your daily dose of medicine during Lockdown

24 December, 2021 Anuja Sahi

Covid-19 is a difficult situation for many, as many of us cannot choose to be at home daily affecting our earning source as well as means of livelihood. However, with the rise of cases and a fear mounting over all for survival has forced us to stay at home and just pray for safety. The pandemic has not just affected our way of living and source of earning one major part of our life that has got affected with the pandemic is our important requirement of medicines, when we need it most.

How the pandemic has failed to satisfy our daily need of medicines?

Even though, the government allowed pharmacy shops to remain open during the pandemic, many of us were affected by the low-supply of medicine. Amidst the pandemic, people avoided social gathering, and undoubtedly during such hard times, pharmacy shops are one of the most prominent places of social gathering.

Even though people dared to reach to the pharmacy shops, they were left unhappy due to unavailability of medicine, and the cause for this was heavy demand as well failed attempt of local pharmacies to get those medicines as several restrictions were imposed on travelling during the pandemic.

Online pharmacy- The wise choice that came to rescue of the humankind

Online pharmacy services like that of 1mg, 3meds, and other serving companies came to rescue in such testing times leading to successful delivery of necessary medicines without the fear of gathering at a social place. This was the reason many e-pharmacies saw a significant surge in their demand, thanks to the literacy and wise choice of customers who not only chose to be safe in their own way, but also kept their society safe by avoiding gatherings at local pharmacies.

Advantages of Online Pharmacy

  • Online shopping has not only ease the way for shopaholics but also those seeking medical care in emergency or on permanent basis. It has been a boon for many to shop through online pharmacy as online pharmacy paves the easy way for prescribed medicines with just a procedure of uploading your prescription and confirming the order with a valid address.
  • The other significant change online pharmacy has gifted the world is the long waiting hours even though you are in urgent need of medicines. One can easily order medicines online without spending time in long queue. The most amazing time- saving factor with online pharmacy is that you can check the availability without spending much waiting time unlike that in the case of local pharmacy, where you have to wait without knowing the availability.
  • What adds more feathers in the cap of E-Pharmacy is the privacy and secrecy it provides, as many consumers of certain medicines are not comfortable in sharing their medical history or requirement physically to a pharmacy shop owner. This becomes of great importance and especially useful for those who are shy or not comfortable of speaking with doctors and pharmacists face to face or are unable to explain why they need the medicine. Furthermore, consumers of sensitive issues like sexuality, menstrual problems or other such issues can order drugs without having to worry about shame or facing a person face-to-face when it comes to sensitive topics like sexuality or adolescence.
  • Cost efficiency is another factor that makes online pharmacy service providers like 3meds more popular. E-pharmacy offers medicine on discounted rates that are easily accessible and affordable by all. The fact behind the discounted rate is that they don’t have third party in between and thus directly the consumers. For bulk purchasing they have a significant rate of discount that saves money as well as time.
  • Anytime, anywhere these two are the magical words when it comes to important services. And undoubtedly, medicines are one of the most essential services. Online pharmacies are ready to serve you anytime, anywhere, 24*7.


For our esteemed readers, 3meds believe that important services cannot take a back seat even if it’s pandemic; hence we always strive to stand upon the expectations of our consumers, and we stand upon by the fact that health and happiness should be easily affordable.