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Personality Change- Dont panic just identify the reason of change in personality

30 November, 2021 Anuja Sahi

An alteration in the way you think, act, or feel is referred to as a personality change. It could be only you who notices, or it might be noticeable to others too.

Gradual personality changes are common as people get older. It’s also natural for your mood to influence your behaviour or feelings, although these shifts are usually fleeting and can be traced back to a single event. An abrupt, unwanted, or uncontrollable shift in your personality could indicate a major problem. Change in personality is not serious until unless it has grown as a routine life. It’s natural to have mood swings from time to time and that may be subjected to some tension, frustration, or any other issues. A personality shift can manifest itself in a number of ways.

What actually is personality change?

Personality change encompasses a variety of changes in various areas of one’s personality. One’s personality is considered to be stable and hereditary, however for example, if your personality is short tempered you need to think about it and need to change it. If others and you believe your personality is fine then it is certainly need not to be changed.

Understanding and knowing about the causes of personality changes can be difficult due to the fact that they can be triggered by a variety of mental and medical conditions. Depression, anxiety, or dementia is all possibilities. However, in the elderly, it can also be caused by a tumor, or even a urinary tract infection. Use of several medicines and drugs has also been known to be the cause of personality change.

Factors that shape personality

  • Family background: The socio- economic level of the family, as well as the education of the parents and other family members or the education of the member of the family we have remained in constant and close touch with, has a significant impact on an individual’s personality. In fact, in a desperate desire to personify their own beliefs, thoughts, responsibilities, and so on, family members try to influence and change children’s behaviour.
  • Personality of people we are in constant touch with Personality of our peer groups, friends and the person we are in constant touch influence our personality to a lot more extent. We tend to change our personality as per the person we are in constant touch with, and interestingly that time we actually don’t think about the fact that they have good nature or what?
  • Place of origin and culture Our personal beliefs and predispositions are shaped by culture and place of origin we belong to. It is one of the most distinguishing and special feature of social group. Its members’ common ideals and norms set it different from other social groups. The collective programming of the mind is the core of the culture.

Medical conditions that can change our personality

  • Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer has the potential ability to change one’s thinking and personality. This medical condition has an impact on our reasoning, judgment, memory, and decision-making abilities. It can make you feel perplexed and change your behaviour. You can feel worried or irritable at first, or on the other hand, you might sudden change in your thinking ability too. Someone who is sweet and thoughtful may become dominating and demanding, while the other who used to worry a lot or was easily stressed could now be content and laid-back.
  • Thyroid Disease Thyroid disease also has a lot to contribute in our personality changes and thinking ability. If the thyroid makes too much of the hormones that controls our body how fast or slow to work, it can let someone feel like someone stomped on the gas pedal. You may feel sudden change in your behaviour from being quiet to aggressive or from restfulness to un-restfulness. You can also be forgetful and find it difficult to think things through. If left untreated, it might have long-term consequences for our brain.

Other medical conditions that can lead to change in our personality are:

  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Brain Tumor
  • Some other types of cancer