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Health benefits of Antioxidants and their best sources

18 November, 2021 Ananya Das

Antioxidants are certain types of substances needed by our bodies to prevent the cell from getting damaged due to the presence of free radicals. These substances can be natural as well as man made. The man-made ones are provided to the body in the form of supplements, when the cases are extreme due to its deficiency. Whereas the natural form is available in a variety of food elements. Some commonly known antioxidants are selenium, vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotenoids(lutein, lycopene, and many more).

Now let us see what these free radicals are and how they affect the body.

When our body produces energy from food, then certain types of highly unstable molecules are formed and these are known as free radicals. Besides, free radicals may also enter the body from the outside environment as well from various sources like sunlight, pollutants and smoke. Then these free radicals work to trigger the cell damage by causing oxidative stress. Due to which a variety of skin, eye and neuro problems take place.

Now to counteract these free radicals’ actions, antioxidants are needed by the body. This antioxidant can be taken from natural sources via the edibles like colorful vegetables and fruits. Besides, some supplements of antioxidants are also available at Online pharmacy but evidence awaits for the health benefits and actions of these supplements against the suspected diseases.

Now let us know about some of the known health benefits provided by the antioxidants.

  • Ensures mental health: Human brain is very much susceptible to free radicals. They attack the main part of the brain where the learning and memory function takes place. These free radicals kill the healthy brain cells and also prevent neurogenesis. Besides, some researchers also found some free radicals to be causing depression and anxiety. Hence, antioxidants are needed.
  • Ensures eye health: Antioxidants help to reduce the chances of development of AMD, an age related vision problem. Studies conducted have found that use of antioxidants can reduce the risk of AMD by 17%. Hence, the blurry vision after 50 years due to AMD has slowed down.
  • Slower the ageing process: Free radicals cause inflammation and irritation. They irritate the healthy growth of body cells. This leads to enhancing the ageing process and hence antioxidants are needed to slow down this effect and also the inflammation.
  • Prevents certain types of cancers: Free radicals cause inflammation in the cells and trigger cell damage, the cell damage then triggers the development of cancer. Thus antioxidants counteract these actions and prevent cancer development.
  • Ensure heart health: Coenzyme Q10 is a fat soluble antioxidant which works in order to reduce the risk of heart problems and diseases. This antioxidant can be obtained from an antioxidant rich diet. Also it improves the cardiac rate outputs.

Now let us see if it's safe to consume the antioxidants via supplements in higher amounts.

Consumption of antioxidants via the supplements though are not much popular but in some cases it is needed. But the amount of intake must be kept on check. Taking too many supplements of certain antioxidants may lead to the development of certain hazardous diseases. For instance can be taken,

  1. Excess vitamin E intake by people on blood thinners’ may enhances the chances of bleeding and hemorrhagic strokes
  2. Excess of beta-carotene in smokers enhances the risk of developing lung cancers.

So, before taking supplements for antioxidants, consult your doctor. Without proper consultation and doctors recommendation try to avoid the intake of antioxidants via supplements. This may lead to certain irreversible health issues and may be fatal.


Antioxidants are essential for the safeguard of the body cells but excess can be lethal as well. Consume a variety of antioxidants via a variety of edibles. Intake via supplements are also possible but their usage and dosage must be administered by the physician / dietician only. So, try to avoid certain unhealthy mistakes and take proper care of yourself. Also be certain to take precautions from allowing free radicals from the external environment from entering your body and stay happy and safe.