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All you need to know about stomach gastritis

13 November, 2021 Ananya Das

Stomach gastritis includes all kinds of conditions of inflammation taking place within the lining of the stomach. The general reason for its occurrence belongs to the attack of bacteria or any kind of infection in the area. One main reason that is normally ignored but causes gastritis is consumption of too many painkillers. When gastritis occurs it causes erosion of the stomach lining and if grows too much then leads to development of stomach ulcer as well. Gastritis can occur either suddenly or can be a result of some slow process. Though both kinds are painful and hazardous, the chronic one is hard to treat properly. Let us first know how to recognize if any kind of gastritis is developing within your stomach.

To know that let us look at the early signs it exhibits.:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach upset
  • Stomach ache
  • Indigestion
  • Hiccups
  • Loss of appetite
  • Stomach burning between nights and meals

The most important thing is to know what causes the disease. The main cause behind the development of gastritis as found medically at present is the presence of bacteria Helicobacter Pylori. This bacteria causes both acute and chronic gastritis. Initially it causes severe inflammatory sense and sometimes it may even show no sign of its presence at the early stages. So, it is very important that you care for any abnormality you face in your stomach activity or any other health condition.

Now let us see how we can get rid or relieve of the gastritis that has already developed.

  • Consume anti-inflammatory diet: Either try to include anti-inflammatory edibles in your diet or try to avoid those items which cause inflammation. Since gastritis is a kind of stomach lining inflammation issue, avoiding all kinds of inflammatory items from meals will help a lot.

  • Include probiotics in diet: Probiotics as present in edibles like yogurt, kimchi and kefir. On consuming probiotics the healthy bowel movements are encouraged and also helps the stomach to be involved in proper digestion.
  • Don’t smoke: The smoke that gets into your body via your smoking habit leads to erosion of the stomach lining or causes visible infection there. This can also develop stomach cancer. So, be careful and stop yourself from smoking.
  • Perform stress relaxing activities: Inclusion of activities that will help you to get relief from stress and tension also works better as a gastritis remedy. The main reason for this is stress that enhances gastritis inflammation. So, perform yoga, meditation, etc to reduce stress.
  • Avoid too much painkillers: Though painkillers and over the counter drugs help at the initial stages but it affects the stomach lining adversely. Taking painkillers every time you feel any kind of pain is not at all advisable. It results in development of infection in the inner lining of the stomach as a result it causes gastritis.

In case you are suffering from acute gastritis then using the above ways you will get well within a week. But if the condition is quite serious then it may take years for you to get cured. In severe cases don’t wait for the easy, homely remedies to work, instead visit your doctor at the earliest. With proper treatment starting at the earliest it is possible to get relief from the issue and inflammation soonest. Hence, don’t avoid the symptoms and take the treatment steps early.


Gastritis is a problem with some common symptoms but if attention is not given then it can cause severe issues to the stomach and overall health of the patient. Above mentioned are some early signs of gastritis which may help you be aware of the onset of the disease. Besides, we have discussed some of the ways by which we can get relief from the inflammation caused. But if the condition gets serious then make sure to consult your doctor. Only with proper recommendation and medication the condition can be relieved well in time.