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What are the Home remedial ways to quit smoking?

30 October, 2021 Ananya Das

Everyone is aware of the dangers of smoking, yet once hooked, individuals find it difficult to quit. People defend their reasons for smoking in a variety of ways. For some, smoking is a means to show off their wealth and status, while for others, it is a method to relieve stress. However, smoking is associated with a number of health risks.

Smoking has a negative impact on not just the smoker's health, but also the health of others around him or her. It is particularly hazardous to the health of infants and the elderly. Furthermore, it is lethal for those with respiratory disorders, since it will clog their airways and cause death. Smoking cessation is strongly advised even for pregnant women, as smoke has an adverse effect on the child's respiratory system and heart.

It's simple to think about quitting, but it's not so simple to really do it. It is critical to maintain motivation in order to overcome a smoking addiction. The motive for doing so might come from inside or be imposed from without. Its driver may also be dealing with some negative consequences as a result of smoking. Miscarriage, cancer, respiratory issues, lung infections, and other conditions are only a few examples. As a result, it is critical to overcome this addiction as soon as possible, and to that end, we have included several simple home remedial treatments below.

  • Avoid triggers: If you're trying to stop smoking, there will be times when you have the strongest desire to smoke. These desires may arise as a result of a variety of factors.
    • Some external events, such as when someone else is smoking in front of you or when you are visiting a spot where you used to smoke. These may enhance the urge. Thus it is strongly advised that you avoid such circumstances.
    • It might also be linked to an internal desire to smoke. Allowing yourself some more time might help you avoid the internal desire. Instructing yourself to wait a few minutes longer and get interested in something more distinctive and intriguing.
      Confrontations with the triggers may divert you from the path, hence avoid them.
  • Meditate: This can be a way to assist you on your trip. This aids in staying focused on your purpose, eliminating distractions, and improving self-control. Furthermore, it is more beneficial for smokers to relieve tension. They believe it is the only method to relieve stress, and they turn to smoking anytime they are anxious. As a result, meditation can be beneficial.
  • Go for acupuncture: In this procedure, tiny needles are injected into a person's body at pressure sites. The ears are utilised as pressure sites to aid in quitting smoking. A little ball is put into the patient's ears for increased efficacy, and the patient must gently press the ball anytime they desire to smoke. This method helps to lessen temptation by applying pressure to the acupuncture points of the ears.
  • Consume black pepper and fresh lime juice: For this scenario, black pepper oil is utilised to conduct aromatherapy. Cravings are less intense and occur less frequently when the scent is used. Lime juice is also beneficial in refilling the body's vitamin C requirements. When this vitamin is deficient, it increases cravings, but when it is present in sufficient numbers, it helps to decrease urges for smoking and so acts in the right direction.
  • Visit Doctor: You will not be able to quit smoking even if you use any of the methods described above. Then see your doctor. The doctor might be able to assist you with various drugs and therapies. There are a lot of effective medicines that can aid in this situation. However, it is recommended that you do not make any treatment decisions on your own, since this might result in serious health concerns. The health issues are the result of abruptly discontinuing something that has been a way of life.


Everyone knows that smoking kills a life, but that life may not be yours. As a result, quitting smoking is critical in order to save lives and maintain one's health. It's not easy at first, but it finally works out. We've already discussed some of the at-home remedies that might help you get back on track. However, if you continue to have problems, you should see a doctor. Then proceed in the same manner as before.