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How to fight from constipation through home Remedies?

05 October, 2021 Ananya Das

Constipation is one of the most common problems nowadays. But many of us fail to recognize if it’s constipation or something else? This article will help you to find out, are you also suffering from constipation?

What is Constipation?

Constipation is a health condition related to the motion of your bowel. How frequently you pass stool decides the health of your digestive system. If you are facing a problem in passing stool daily or even not more than 3-4 bowel movements in a week, then you are at the warning sign of constipation, or you are having the symptoms of constipation. During this situation, it becomes very difficult to pass stool. Constipation causes disturbance in your daily routine and disturbs your life more. Constipation is usually caused by a lack of intake of food that contains fluids and fibers.

Constipation is very common in everyday life ranging from moderate to severe. It occurs due to sudden changes in diet and routine. But if this condition persists for more than a month then you must take serious actions towards treating it. Try treating constipation with home remedies, however; if you fail to do so it is advised to visit the doctor.

We are listing below some of the home remedies to fight constipation:

Constipation relieving ways:

  • Consume plenty of fluids: Drink water frequently throughout the day. Drinking water helps to regulate the fluid motion in your body. It ensures the healthy passing of stool. It is always advised to consume lukewarm water every day in the morning. You can also try drinking sparkling water as it helps in fighting constipation. Try to avoid carbonated soda drinks as it worsens the situation more. So, the best treatment and prevention of constipation is drinking plenty of water.
  • Reduce consumption of dairy items: If you are lactose-intolerant then it is highly recommended for you to avoid consumption of dairy products. Dairy products enhance the chances of causing constipation. It affects bowel movements. Instead, if you find yourself in this condition then be sure to consult your doctor, they will prescribe you alternative calcium intake ways. This can help you to get the required dairy suppliable nutrients as well as relief from constipation.
  • Enhance your daily activity: Constipation is to a great extent related to your digestive system. Proper functioning of your digestive system helps to enhance the proper bowel movement. So, to improve the digestion process you must try and include exercises and walking in your daily routine. Increasing the daily count of steps and activities will help you a lot in improving your condition of constipation.
  • Manage your mental health: It is very important to take care of your mental health. There is a direct as well as indirect relation of your mental health to your bowel movement. The stress hormones affect the healthy bowel movement, creating problems in passing stool. Where on another side, being stressed and depressed reduces motion, healthy eating, proper sleeping, etc. All these indirectly influence bowel movement and result in constipation. Thus, take care of your mental health to keep your stomach healthy.
  • Consume fibre rich diet: Fibre is a dietary element present in various edibles. Consumption of fibre enhances the ease of movement of stool in your body as well as treats the bulkiness and consistency of the stool. Some of the fibre rich edibles are whole grains, nuts, seeds, peas, lentils, barley, banana, to name a few. But you must take care to not consume a fibrous diet in excess as it also results in other health problems. So, better to take an adequate amount of fibre via daily meals.

After knowing about a few ways of fighting and preventing constipation at home. Now let us discuss who is more inclined to fall prey to constipation:

  • People belonging to age above 35 years
  • Females of all age group
  • Staying dehydrated for long periods of time
  • Consuming low fibre diets
  • Staying inactive most of the time
  • Suffering from mental health issues

Complications by constipation

Before closing let us also look at some ways in which constipation can create complications in your lifestyle. If you are suffering from chronic constipation then it can affect your health in many ways. It can lead to conditions like rectal bleedings, anal fissures, faecal impaction and many other fatal issues. Besides, it diverts your focus from the necessary things to your stomach. This reduces your efficiency and causes problems in your work life. Thus, it is very essential to get this issue treated at the earliest.


Suffering from constipation can cause stress in your life and may also lead to serious health complications. It is also a kind of phase of ill health which passes on with time and proper treatment. It is always better to make proper use of the precautionary and fighting ways provided above to keep it away from you. Consume good amounts of fluids and fibres throughout your day. But if you face this problem for a very long time, then it is definitely recommended to visit your doctor and not rely on homely treatment measures. Your doctor can help you in the best way to fight the condition and get back to normal life easily.