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What is Role of hygiene in good health?

01 October, 2021 Anuja Sahi

As the nation celebrates the 152nd birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, widely known as Mahatma Gandhi, we at 3Meds.com wish everyone a happy Non-violence day, the primary motto of Gandhi Ji. However apart from this Gandhi Ji also was a great supporter of personal hygiene and cleanliness.

According to Mahatma Gandhi “Sanitation is more important than independence”, Gandhi Ji further said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” Thus the conclusion for all these statements brings us to fact that Gandhi Ji dwelt on cleanliness.

Let us discuss how hygiene is important for good health and society

Health and social considerations both necessitate and are important aspects for good personal cleanliness. Personal hygiene is beneficial to one’s own health. Personal hygiene not only helps in maintaining good personal health but also maintains the health of society. Only a healthy individual can ensure a healthy society.

Hygiene is essential in everyone’s life since it protects us from bacteria that might affect our health. Bacteria multiply quickly in a filthy environment. Dust should be wiped off of shelves and other surfaces where bacteria can thrive. Breathing dirty dust will hurt our lungs, bodies, and health if we do not maintain our surroundings clean. You must also wash the dishes immediately after each meal.

Cleanliness is second only to Godliness, we all have heard this several times. Do we, however, adhere to this? Many people do not, despite the fact we should. Some of us, on the other hand, don’t even appreciate the trash collectors. Cleanliness should be practiced by everyone on a daily basis, as there are numerous disadvantages to not keeping cleanliness.

Few basic things that we must keep clean in our daily life

  • Teeth: Gum disease, poor breath, tooth decay, and a variety of diseases can all be allowed by taking care of your teeth and practicing basic oral hygiene. It is the teeth that assist in eating and several other important activities. Food is crushed by teeth after being saturated with saliva in the mouth. Food particles become caught in the little spaces between your teeth as you eat. When you don’t brush your teeth after eating and before going to bed, the food particles decay, and bacteria begin to grow on them. This can hurt your teeth and make your mouth smell bad.

    Always remember to:

    • Ensure that you and your family members wash their twice a day
    • The toothbrush must be stored in a clean, and dry place
    • A toothbrush should be replaced regularly.
  • Clean Clothes: Germs and dust get stuck with your clothes, too. It is normal, even if you remain packed in your house for the whole day, germs will get stuck on your clothes. However; you might not be able to see them from naked eyes.

    Try to wear washed clothes every day, and if possible you can use antiseptic liquid or gel to wash your clothes, as per your suitability. It is not difficult to maintain personal hygiene. Once you have established a personal hygiene routine, it will become your nature in no time. Setting an example for your kids is also crucial so that they can develop their own personal hygiene practices.

  • Hair: It’s also crucial to keep your hair in good shape. Hair can last up to four years, according to scientists. You must take care of your hair on a regular basis and comb it every day if you want it to be healthy and thick. Combing the hair keeps it dust–free and clean. You should do it on a daily basis to keep your hair healthy. Try using a good shampoo to wash your hair approx, twice a week.

  • Cleanliness in your home and society: Cleanliness must, of course, be maintained in our own personal environment. It would be beneficial to maintain our minds and spirits clean. One more common aspect to notice here is that people anyhow maintain hygiene in their home, but usually pull them back when it comes to cleanliness in their society. However; we can maintain cleanliness in our home only when our society is clean.


Before we end the article, let us first learn to respect those who put their dignity, and life at stake to make our society clean and keeps us healthier. Workers who are involved in cleaning roads and other such places are often considered as of low class, and not even given proper respect. Actually, they are protecting our asset of good health, or else we will end up in bundles of liabilities after losing our asset of good health.