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Healthcare Workers are at High Risk of catching Covid-19

13 July, 2020 Priyanka Sachdeva


Coronavirus is well known Respiratory Syndrome which is spreading at a high rate . In this the person feels difficulty in breathing , have sore throat and other possible problems and illness . At first it may seems like flu or normal cold but later it shows its actual face.

It has turned into a pandemic whose cure is yet to be find ,the only thing people are doing this time is to enhance immunity so that their body be able to fight with this virus if attacked.

Healthcare workers and their role

Healthcare workers are those who help in treating a patient , providing medicines , cleaning rooms and doing their duty in hospitals. They are the most important part of any treatment or for any patient due to the responsibilities they perform.

There are enormous of duties performed by healthcare workers varies from person to person to the role assigned to them. For instance there are doctors, nurses, cleaners ,receptionists, medicine providers,advisors, surgeons and so on.

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There roles include on an whole are:

  • Cleaning rooms
  • Curing patients
  • Sanitizing material
  • Analyzing patients
  • Changing bedsheets
  • Testing stool,blood,sputum
  • Personal meeting with patients

All these things are done on a high risk but still it has to be done as their duty and job.

Struggles of healthcare workers

There struggle can’t be even imagines by us. They also have families like that of normal citizens still they choose to make hospitals as their home. They prefer patients over families. No birthdays, festivals or occasions comes in front of treatment or health. They did tons of sacrifices for the betterment of people.

They don’t even describe, they aren’t even awarded but still they are devoted to do that even without anyone’s force. They are actual god in the look of humans , saving life is a best gift someone can give to another which is only given in the hands of doctors. People use to call them life savior and this name properly suits them with their deed which they perform.

Is healthcare workers are at high risk of catching Covid-19?

There isn’t any doubt in declaring that yes the healthcare workers are at high risk of getting Covid-19.

It is officially announced that Covid-19 is airborne disease and can be transmitted with a seconds of contact. As the healthcare people spend most of their time with ill people and patients they are in their contact for a much longer time period.

A study in New york and Netherlands shows that there’s chance of 95 percent for healthcare workers to get infected with disease. But for the duty they perform government gives life insurance to their families. They after knowing all this things, perform their duties properly and even without them no one can ever get back to their life. So we should thank them from our hearts .

PPE kit and precautions

Personal protective equipment that is PPE hepls a lot in preserving the lives of healthcare workers. This PPE includes everything to cover your body from head to toe like masks, gloves, glasses, cap ,suit, boots, jacket, lower and everything.

It is suggested that N95 masks are best to be used as they are made to purify the air with the particles from cough so that only fresh air can enter in their body to prevent the transmission of the disease.

These kits are stopping the deaths of most of the healthcare workers which were dying at high rate in the beginning of the pandemic due to lack of information to treat the patients. Now these kits are highly recommended for protecting the lives of workers and they are able to fulfill their duties efficiently.


This is all what you need to know about the sacrifices healthcare workers are doing just for the sake of our lives and preserving the other lives.

They are the who know that they are at high risk of getting infected due to the contact and time they spend in their care but still they try their best and take precautions at risk of their lives.