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Is the efficacy of the vaccine put to test with a mutation in the virus?

07 September, 2021 Ananya Das

Since the advent of the Covid, the planet has lost a good number of its inhabitants. The sudden outbreak had caused a great number of deaths and havoc. For the first year, there was terror among people. The fear was working in multiple dimensions. Starting from losing life, losing loved ones, losing earning sources, losing the freedom to many more. The early stage of the pandemic had been very hard to control. Not only citizens but also many doctors were lost in this tenure.

It was completely restricted for the time for people to go out of their houses. To control the situation, sudden lockdowns were imposed around the nation, creating more pathetic situations for people stuck at places away from their homes. Not only problems concerning diet had occurred but also had brought depression for many. The history of these years of covid has witnessed many deaths also due to depression. Loneliness had crept into the lives of many stuck in their houses.

Until the preparation of the vaccine, much bad had already occurred. But with vaccines, came some complications and fears related to their efficacy and efficiency. In the beginning, vaccines also were under doubt, related to the death occurring around. Rumors were spread to create chaos and doubts among people related to the safety of the lives of the people. But as time passed, the population started believing in the vaccine and it gained popularity before the advent of the second wave of the corona. Then as time passed and the virus started mutating, again rumors and doubts started creeping in, on the efficacy and efficiency of the vaccine.

It’s been considered now, that with the mutation of the virus, the efficiency and efficacy of the vaccine vanishes. This again created fear among people of the new wave with lots of deaths and havoc, without any treatment. But, before believing in such rumors, let us find out the real situation and also see if actually with mutation, the efficacy and efficiency of the vaccine get disturbed.

Some of the frequently asked questions :

Q1.Is the efficacy of the vaccine different from its efficiency? Explain how?

A: Yes, the efficacy and efficiency of the virus are two entirely different terms. The efficacy of the vaccine refers to its performance, measured under ideal conditions of clinical trials whereas the efficiency of the vaccine refers to its performance with respect to the wider population. The efficacy of the vaccine is measured by finding out how many vaccinated people develop the disease compared to those who are not. And based on the outcomes, the efficacy is finalized.

Q2. According to current reports, comment on the efficacy of the present covid-19 vaccines with new emerging variants.

A: As the new variants are emerging, reports and surveys are conducted. Based on these, it is found that as the variants are emerging, the results on vaccinated people are very few. A very small number of fully vaccinated people were affected by the virus. And those effects had seen very mild complications on their health for the same. Hence, every time the efficacy is tested but still with the present variants, the vaccines have stood strong.

Q3. Does full vaccination ensure that after immunity build-up there are no chances of catching the virus?

A: This is absolutely not true, full immunization doesn’t ensure 100% safety against the virus. It only provides antibodies to the system to fight against the virus and prevent fatal consequences. But improper care, of the body, can cause deaths too even after complete immunization.

Q4. Is the number of growing cases with new covid mutants a result of declining vaccine efficiency and efficacy?

A: This is just a misconception spread among people that the new variants of covid are not controllable by the present vaccines. Even those people who have already received both doses of their immunization are found to fight more strongly against the virus, than those who are not fully vaccinated. Full vaccination ensures that the body can fight well against the virus and prevent fatal complications to health.

Q5. Why are people dying with new waves even after being fully vaccinated?

A: The reason for the deaths is still persistent in the world even after being fully vaccinated goes to the immunity build-up of the body. Being just fully vaccinated doesn’t ensure safety against the virus. This is because after full vaccination it takes at least a month or two to gain full immunity against the virus. So, in most of the death cases found among fully vaccinated people, the reason either belongs to their other health problems or to the fact that they had received their 2nd dose very recently. The recent full doses have not allowed the body yet to get full immunity against the virus and hence resulted in deaths.