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National Nutrition Week 2021-History, theme and significance

06 September, 2021 Anuja Sahi

About the event 

Every year from September 1 to September 7, India celebrates National Nutrition Week to enhance public awareness about nutrition and healthy eating habits. The week is commemorated to raise awareness about the need for nutritional and adaptive eating habits in order to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Diet and nutrition are essential for general physical and mental health, and since the epidemic wreaked havoc, understanding of proper food and nutrition has begun to spread around the globe. If you want to live an active life full of growth and development, you’ll need to eat a well and balanced diet. Various initiatives are undertaken by the government during National Nutrition Week to raise awareness about proper nutrition. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and we must consume enough nutrients such as proteins and vitamins in our daily diet to achieve this. 

History of the National Nutrition Week 

The National Nutrition Week was established in March 1975 by members of the American Dietetic Association (ADA), now known as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It was observed to enhance public awareness about healthy nutrition as well as to promote dietitians as a profession. 

In 1980, the effort was so well embraced that the week-long celebration lasted a month. National Nutrition Week began in India in 1982, when the government initiated a program to educate people about the significance of nutrition and encourage them to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. In 2018, the Indian government announced the ‘POSHAN Abhiyan’ to educate people about health and nutrition, which are important aspects of overall human development and social infrastructure. 

The theme of National Nutrition Week 2021

'Feeding smart right from the start is the theme for National Nutrition Week 2021. The central government has launched a lecture and workshop program to deliver accurate information and raise awareness. 

The government strives to spread awareness about how children and citizens can benefit from a good nutritional diet from birth through numerous programs and projects. Various sub-programs, such as the 

The government strives to spread awareness about how children and citizens can benefit from a good nutritional diet from birth through numerous programs and projects. Various sub-programs, such as the Bharat Poshan Premier Quiz, Good Food Talk Show, and Healthy Khayega India, as well as the week-long campaign, will attract people from all walks of life.

Significance of National Nutrition Week 2021 

For growth and a healthy lifestyle, one must obtain the necessary nutrients and nourishment. Carbohydrates, fibers, lipids, proteins, minerals, proteins, vitamins, and water must all be included in our diet to keep our immune systems healthy.

A healthy mind and body require a well-balanced and nutritious diet. The Ministry of Women and Child Development in India is celebrating National Nutrition Week for a week-long to promote the importance of appropriate nutrition in people. The week is marked to raise awareness about the need for essential nutrients for maintaining a healthy mind, body, and lifestyle. This week is celebrated for people to be aware them regarding the importance of nutrients for the body. 

Fight Malnutrition during National Nutrition Week in 2021

To commemorate Bharat Nutrition Week 2021, the national government has decided to work with the Wellbeing Council. This program is centered on a fantastic food and health nutrition celebration that provides the expected ramp for all ministries, the central government, commercial organizations, and social organizations to devote good practice to fight against malnutrition. As a result, excellent health is extremely important in everyone’s life; if you consume simple, healthy foods, you may stay healthy both physically and emotionally. Your body will be physically robust if you eat the correct quantity of food and stay in shape, which will help you lessen overall stress and unhappiness. 


It has been rightly said that “health is wealth”, and to motivate people to maintain their health regardless of the busy life in cut-throat competition, the Government of India celebrates and encourages people to participate in the National Nutrition Week with great zeal and enthusiasm. A balanced and well-nourished diet plays an important role in our life, to stay fit and stress-free. For having the strength, and courage to fight all difficulties of life, a well-balanced diet is very important.