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Moderate or intense intensity workout, which is better in long run?

02 September, 2021 Ananya Das

Healthy body and working mind lures all, but most of the people are unaware from the ways to accomplish this. The present market filled with lots of misguiding advertisements of products oriented to fulfill the desire is creating more chaos. The companies of gymnasiums, supplements, body-slimmer and weight gainers are all creating a fancy idea of fitness in people’s mind. It is making people think that by only attaining gymnasium with proper intake of prescribed supplements can provide them with the desired health. But the reality lies in the way of workout a person does. The workout should be moderate or intense also depends on the physique of an individual.

Studies have been conducted to find out the goods and bad related to moderate level workouts and intense level workouts. It has been found out that people have lots of confusion on which workout is suitable for their body and health. Should they perform moderate or intense level workouts?

So, let us dive deep into this discussion via answering some questions and reach a conclusion.

Some of the frequently asked questions :

Q1.What kind of sports enhances longevity?

A: It is found from a study conducted over thousands of people that those people engage in performing active and group sports have an edge over those who prefer to engage in active but solidarity sports. Group sports also make one active bit of help in promoting socialization among individuals. This socialism leads to increase happy hormones in the body, relaxes any kind of negativity, and therefore, leads to enhancement of life terms. So, vigorous sports with team spirit promote longevity.

Q2.Which intensity exercise is better for cardiovascular and diabetic patients for their health?

A: The more a person involves himself in moderate intensity, the more it is beneficial for him to maintain cardiovascular health and control blood sugar levels. The moderate-intensity exercises don’t act at once, but daily performance provides long - term effects. The best effects are visible in the form of our improved health.

Q3.‘Working hard and fast benefits also fast’, is this statement true in a real sense?

A: This is a very popular misconception among people. Especially, youngsters fall into this trap easily. Besides, people with the heavy body also believe in this myth in order to lose fat and weight fast and look attractive. But the reality is that an intense intensity workout only consumes excessive energy and works only for a day that tires the body making it difficult for people to continue. Thus, fast workouts can only help those people who are experienced bodybuilders and professional body specialists.

Q4.The upset mood is also related to the intensity of the workout, explain how?

A: Intense workout for the first day works very well on an individual but after a day or two makes it difficult for the person to even move. This upsets the individual and later makes it hard for him to start over again. With the aim to achieve early the individual ends up losing confidence. This makes him sad and depressed, enhancing his anxiety due to no visible results and even refrains him from continuing the workout Whereas moderate workouts don’t hurt much and take time to show results. But it doesn’t prevent the person from continuing and shows effects on health with passing time.

Q4.Which intensity exercise moderate or vigorous, helps to improve aerobic fitness?

A: Performing exercises daily is the most important requirement to improve the aerobic fitness of your body. When talking about moderate-intensity exercise, it enhances the rate of breathing but never makes you feel out of breath whereas intense exercises make breathing deep and intense. Both these activities are essential and helpful in the improvement of your breathing. Besides, both types help to provide you with the extra benefit in situations when you need sudden high breathing requirements.


Hence, from the above discussion and finding answers to the frequently asked questions, we can conclude that even though intense exercises are popular but are not much effective in the long run. For lifetime access and benefits the moderate-intensity exercise is preferred. This happens due to the easy growth of the individual in the workout and visible benefits on health with time.