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Vaccines - A comparison of Covid vaccines available in India

31 July, 2021 Ananya Das

The bloom of Covid in India since December 2019 has seen its peak twice till now. In both the waves, the pandemic has impacted the social, economic, and personal life of every citizen of India as well as the world. Many people have lost their lives, many children turned orphans, and many families lost its guardian and have also lost their only earning members. The situation has been turned worse by this pandemic.

Still, the new 3rd wave with a new variant of coronavirus awaits arrival in India and has already stepped into many other countries. But the only difference between the previous two waves and the third wave is the availability of the covid-19 vaccines.

Without the vaccines earlier situation was just out of control, there were more patients than the available doctors, healthcare professionals, hospitals, or healthcare centers. The quarantine centers had to go through the worst phase, the cremation areas were seen overfilled with cadavers than the cremation possible to perform in a day. This all was because of the absence of protection which people could use to reduce the impact of the virus. But now, several covid vaccines are available with the potential to reduce the harsh effect of the virus.

Let us take a look at the various covid vaccines now available in India and find out their difference. In India, 3 vaccines have been approved yet for dosage at various centers, which are:

  • Sputnik V:
    • This viral vector vaccine was developed in Russia, entered India with 125M doses in May 2021.
    • Is a cold-type virus, engineered to be harmless on the body.
    • It usually starts to stimulate the body to produce antibodies.
    • It provides easy transportation and storage in the temperature range of 2-8 degrees centigrade.
    • The 2 doses of vaccine are given 21 days apart and possess 2 different formulae which work to boost the immune system and provide long-lasting protection.
    • Both the doses target mainly the corona-virus distinctive spikes using different vectors.
  • Covaxin:
    • It is an inactivated-virus-based vaccine that works to kill the coronavirus and thus is safe to inject into the body.
    • The deadly virus was found in the immune cells which stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies against the virus.
    • This vaccine is produced by a Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical company.
    • Both doses of the vaccine are preferred to be given 1 month apart.
    • It poses an 81% efficiency rate and is easy to store in 2-8 degrees centigrade.
    • The vaccine was approved in India in January 2021.
  • Covishield:
    • This vaccine was manufactured by SII using a weakened version of adenovirus found in Chimpanzees and modified to look like coronavirus with no harmful effects.
    • On injecting in the body it stimulates the immunity to produce antibodies to attack the coronavirus.
    • The doses are given with 12 weeks of a gap in between.
    • The vaccine must be stored between 2-8 degrees centigrades.
    • The vaccine was found 70% effective after the first dose.
    • The overall study of each vaccine shows that all are effective to immunize the body in their way. So, better go and get your shot done with any vaccine available at your nearest centers.

Some of the frequently asked questions:

Q1. Do a vaccinated person becomes eligible to move without precautions?

A: No, absolutely not, being vaccinated doesn't ensure your safety from the virus. It only works to protect you from the severe effect of the infection if you accidentally get affected. So, take proper precautions and wear masks to protect yourself from the infection.

Q2. When should we take the vaccine if we develop covid-infection?

A: If you have developed the infection then after recovery wait till at least 3 months to get vaccinated with your first dose.

Q3. Is there a chance of death by the infection even after taking both doses?

A: Even though the chances of death after complete vaccination are very low yet cases have been reported of people with diseases like hypertension and diabetes who have to meet death even after vaccination.

Q4. Can the Covid vaccine cause major side effects?

A: Reports have been registered of cases where after vaccination people have experienced mild to moderate side effects which usually don't last long like.

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Pain at the spot of the shot

But the severity of the symptom varies with the type of vaccine. Rarely cases were reported where the person had to face extreme situations on health after vaccination.