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Ways to Strengthen the Immune System

13 July, 2020 Arpita Karmakar

With the outbreak of Covid 19, entire mankind across the universe is suffering. While there is yet no medicine or vaccine available for COVID-19, it's important to enhance our body’s natural defence system, broadly known as immunity which plays an important role in the maintenance of optimum health. 

Covid-19, the highly infectious disease caused by a newly found strain of a large family of coronaviruses has been affecting people in a number of different ways, ranging from people developing mild to moderate illnesses to people getting severely hospitalised. 

And in this pandemic situation, the most important thing anyone can do is to take care of their health and ensure that their body and immune system are in shape because a healthy body is the best defense against a COVID-19 infection.

What are the ways to Strengthen our Immunity System?? 

3MEDS, 24 hour medicine home delivery app where we can order medicines online curated  a list of ways to strengthen our immunity-

  1. Vitamins and minerals for healthy immune system 

Vitamins and minerals are the most essential substances that our bodies need in order to develop and function normally. Vitamins are organic substances made from plants or animals while minerals are inorganic elements that are obtained from soil and water and are absorbed by plants and animals.

They boost the immune system by supporting normal growth and development of the body and help cells and organs function accordingly. 

  1. Ayurvedic approach for better immunity

Ayurveda, the science of  life is a traditional therapeutic system of India with a vast knowledge on preventive care.Ayurveda is known since ages to propagate the gifts of nature in maintaining a healthy and happy living.

The extensive knowledge of plant based science - Ayurveda is based on the concepts of “Dinacharya” - the daily regimes and “Ritucharya”- the seasonal regimes. Haldi, tulsi, amla, Ashwagandha etc along with certain Ayurvedic supplements can help boost immunity 

  1. Maintaining a proper hygiene is important to improve the immune system 

Frequent handwashing is the most important and easy way to prevent infection. 

Disinfect objects and surfaces touched frequently. 

Avoid close contact with sick people. Put a necessary 6 feet distance between you and everyone. 

While sneezing, coughing or even talking, it's rather necessary to cover your face with proper masks.

Touch less, wave more. 

Increase your immunity by keeping yourself hydrated,stress-free and following a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and proper nutrition. 

  1. Staying active to enhance immunity 

Maintaining a fit and active daily regime isn’t easy. It’s not something you get into once and forget about. It requires an immense amount of patience, acceptance, discipline, hardwork and years of everyday life.A little movement a day is going to boost our mood in numerous ways.

Whether taking a walk in the terrace, running up and down the stairs at our home or simply doing household errands, finding ways to add exercise to daily routine  is essential

  1. Adequate sleep improves our immunity 

Lack of sleep can make us cranky all day around messing up more than our daily schedule. Whereas a number of benefits are associated with getting a good night’s rest like an athletic achievement,a sharper brain, an entire mood boost and an enhanced immunity . Our body needs at least 7-8 hours of good quality and uninterrupted sleep to recover from the events of the entire day. 

  1. Avoid stress for a good immune system 

With Covid-19 coiling our lungs in a supersonic speed, fears about it and our safety might take an emotional toll. In between a worldwide pandemic, overwhelming dread, uncertainty and panic has spiraled around us and has put our mental health on extreme vulnerability.

Mental trauma has now been firmly entrenched in our minds and that might have an adverse impact on our state of being happy and content by keeping us on the verge of extreme uncertainty. So it's imperative for us to not wrap ourselves up with each and every article or news or facet of this rapid-spreading virus. 

  1. Eating more home-cooked meals as they increase immunity 

Most of us often struggle to adhere to a diet, but one easy way to do so is to concentrate on what gets served on your plate. With coronavirus, locking us behind our doors you might find it hard to stick to a diet as we often find ourselves relying on processed and packaged food rather than cooking.

Eating more home-cooked meals increases our likelihood of a higher-quality diet that helps us to stay fit.So it's important to gravitate towards healthy options that make nutritious cooking easier. 

  1. Sufficient Hydration for improved immunity 

Plenty of plain water should be taken before meals in order to stay hydrated. Drinking water before eating supports the proper movement of digested food. Also it's important to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water regularly to help yourself keep fit and well and keep our immune system in a healthy way. 


In times, where the entire world is behind household bars, getting active and staying fit need a great deal of endurance. We have to promise ourselves to not bow down to apathy or disinterest or lethargy and try our best to stay fit and active.So stay at home and Buy Medicines and Healthcare Products Online from the best healthcare application in India