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How is diabetes dangerous for Covid-19 patients?

22 July, 2021 Ananya Das

Since December 2019, the world is experiencing the worst outbreak of a deadly virus known as the coronavirus. Many people, from young to old, have lost their lives to this. Numerous families remained without roofs, their guardians, their only earning members, and their loved ones. Even our frontline warriors, who were/are working day and night tirelessly to protect our lives, to keep our family safe, and complete, have lost their lives.

But this is not all, even many fitness models; many healthy professionals have also lost their lives. So, we should understand how much exposure people like us have to the threat of this virus’ complications and losing our lives.

Those individuals, who are already suffering from some other health problems like heart problems, lung problems, kidney problems, hypertension or hypotension, and diabetes, are most vulnerable to the hazardous impact of the virus on their health. These issues make it hard to treat the condition and take a good amount of extra care to medicate the patient.

So, it is essential for people with such health issues to avoid taking risks and take proper precautions to keep themself safe and covid-free.

Now, let’s here discuss how diabetes is very dangerous for covid patients.

Studies and shreds of evidence from the current scenario have revealed that diabetic people are more vulnerable to develop serious complications from the coronavirus than those who have well-managed blood sugar/ glucose levels. This happens as the body gets difficult to fight the virus and the already present diabetes together. Even in people with diabetes, this viral infection leads to inflammation and internal swelling which make it more difficult for them to fight.

In patients with type-1 diabetes, the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis is also high which makes it disturb the electrolyte level in the body and fluid intake thus disturb the sepsis eventually leading to septic shock that worsens the condition of the covid patient. So, be careful with its symptoms and get your ketone level checked, and consult your doctor to get the diagnosis started.

Experts have revealed that covid-19 and diabetes are related both ways. As diabetes worsens, so does the condition of covid-19. So in the same way, covid-19 triggers diabetes in patients with covid-19. This is a common appearance in people who already had undiagnosed diabetes and this situation also leads to an increase in morbidity.

People also ask these Questions to know in this regard:

Q1.Is it safe for a diabetic person to take the covid vaccine?

A: Yes, it is safe and is even an urgent requirement for diabetic people to get vaccinated at the earliest. This is because diabetic individuals are more vulnerable to develop severe illness if anyhow they catch the virus.

Q2. How can Covid-19 trigger the onset of diabetes in its patients?

A: It is evident from the current situation that secretion of insulin from the beta-cells gets impaired by the coronavirus that aggravates the diabetes mellitus in the patients who already had mild diabetes or develop diabetes in people with no early diabetic problem.

Q3: How to stay alert regarding the onset of diabetes in covid recovered patients?

A: Patients who have recovered from covid are at high risk of developing Type-1 diabetes, especially when they were already diagnosed with it. So, to be aware if you have caught it or not, pay attention if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Increase in thirst and appetite
  • Sudden loss in weight
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent urination
  • Blurriness in vision
  • Slow healing of a wound

So, if you find any of these symptoms, be sure to get your blood sugar/glucose level checked soon and get the treatment start early.

Q4: What is the death risk of covid patients diagnosed with diabetes?

A: From the reports worldwide, it is found that every 1 out of 5 covid patients with diabetes admitted in hospital dies within 28 days because of the frequent fluctuations in the blood glucose level. Even those who were on insulin intake regularly possess a 44% higher death risk than those who did not take insulin. So, diabetic people are advised to control their blood glucose levels to avoid any sort of complication and get home soon if they catch this virus.