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Top 5 health benefits of Sandalwood oil

19 July, 2021 Ananya Das

Sandalwood is also known popularly as ‘Chandan’ in Indian culture. It is very famous for its consideration as a pious entity to be used for all rituals and spiritual activities of Indian houses. It is very well recognized for its pure aroma and creamy color.

But this is not all, sandalwood is used both as powder and oil. It is considered that the best aromatic sandalwood oil is obtained from the oldest trees and is in high demand especially during Swara yoga due to its capability to unite the senses. Earlier, its wood was used to prepare furniture and caskets to glorify the luxurious life but with time due to its falling availability and growing demand, now it is used to distill oil which is used with its woody ad exotic aroma to provide various health, mind and skin benefits.

Let us look at the 5 most known health benefits of sandalwood oil.

  • Enhances skin goodness: Sandalwood is well known for the hydrating, rejuvenating, and soothing benefits it provides to the skin.
    • It helps as an emollient to provide hydration to the skin by deep penetration into the epidermis to allow ultimate replenishment.
    • Alongside it aids in toning and tightening the wrinkle so is applied in pairs with lavender and frankincense oil.
    • Besides, it also possesses active soothing elements that help to provide relief from skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, etc.
  • Increases wound healing: Medically certified mosquito repellents should be used to prevent the direct contact of aedes mosquito with your body. Such repellents have been proving effective in preventing the action of mosquitoes on our bodies.
    • Sandalwood oil is a very good antiseptic that aids in protecting wounds from any kind of microbial infection and protects it.
    • Besides, it helps to speed up the recovery process of wounded tissues by inducing contractions in them.
    • If paired up with oregano and grapefruit oil then provides a strong shielding effect against infections.
  • Enhances mental health: The peaceful aroma of sandalwood helps in providing calming effects to the mind by relaxing it.
    • This property of sandalwood oil makes it an essential choice for helping people suffering from anxiety, depression, hypertension, etc.
    • Besides, it also helps to clarify the thinking ability of the mind. Thus, boosting cognitive function. This is possible only because of the stress-releasing effect of sandalwood that also enhances rationality.
  • Hair health: Studies tell that our hair follicles possess the ability to receive aroma by its smell receptor OR2AT4 and indicates the hair protein to multiply which in turn helps in the growth of hair.
    • It is seen that massaging sandalwood oil on the scalp helps to a great extent to regrow hair and remove baldness. This happens as the oil helps in blocking the genes that make the keratin cells commit homicide and allows these cells to multiply.
  • Happy sleep: Studies have revealed that sandalwood provides sedative effects that help in lowering sleep interruptions, wakefulness and increases the amount of non-REM sleep. Due to the relaxing effect and anxiety-reducing effect of sandalwood oil it helps in providing physical and mental relaxation.

Some common enquires on sandalwood oil:

Q1.Do sandalwood oil cures insomnia for everyone?

A: No, this is not true. Sandalwood for sure provides a soothing sensation to every individual due to its earthy and relaxing aroma but it doesn’t trigger good sleep in everyone. For some people, even sandalwood induces wakefulness and attentiveness. So, you should check on yourself if you are also the one who doesn’t feel sleepy with the use of sandalwood oil at night and avoid it before bedtime.

Q2. Can dark spots and acne be removed using sandalwood oil?

A: Sandalwood oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which provides it the benefits to be used as a beauty remedy to treat various skin problems like dark spots, acne, or blemishes.

Q3: Can removal of facial hair be achieved by the use of sandalwood oil?

A: Sandalwood when mixed with rosewater, orange peel, and gram flour severs the purpose of exfoliating the skin and also inhibits hair growth. Yet, no evidence is found that it can help to remove the facial hair permanently and effectively but helps to prevent them from growing further.

Q4: What is the reason for the expensiveness of sandalwood oil?

A: The best sandalwood comes from the oldest sandalwood tree with at least the age of 15 years as the actual maturity of the tree to provide high-quality sandalwood is obtained only then. These kinds of trees are rare to find at present as of their high demand which is growing continuously and these factors make sandalwood oil an expensive commodity.