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Curry Leaves- Introduction, uses & advantages

14 July, 2021 Piyush

Of all the privileges we’re bestowed upon with in our life, the best and biggest privilege is of being gifted by the nature. In numerous ways, the nature has blessed us with so many of commodities and essentials that without them, it would have been difficult for the specie of humans to sustain for this long.

From underwater marine resources, to underground resource rich mines. From uncountable species of trees and plant, to a vast diversity of fauna, we’ve been privileged in uncountable ways! We humans have been using these resources to the fullest of our potential, to mould our lives in a way we like!

Talking of trees, they’ve been providing us with numerous resources! Talk of fruits, timber, herbs, glue, paper all of them come from the floral sphere of the existence on Earth. Here in this blog, we intend to talk about one such resource of the trees, known by the name of curry leaves.

What are curry leaves?

The origin of curry leaves dates back to 4th century AD. First found in the literary excerpts of ancient Tamil and Kannada literature, it is safe to assume that curry leaves predominantly originated in southern Asia and then moved to be found in other parts of the world. To the date, curry leaves predominantly grow in the Indian sub continent in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and China.

Found on a semi deciduous shrubby tree, the curry leaves are small in size with a shiny appearance and bear a pleasant aroma with a texturous pattern running across it’s surface.

What are the uses of curry leaves?

The curry leaves have been proved to be useful in a large number of ways. Curry leaves have found their extensive usage in household kitchens, as well in the ayurvedic medicinal techniques. Almost every Indian kitchen has curry leaves in their list of essentials. Used extensively for the distinct flavour it leaves in dishes and the addictive aroma of curry leaves, they find their place in every kitchen across the country.

Another reason behind the prevalence of curry leaves is the nutrition rich heritage of curry leaves. Various nutrients of benefit, such as minerals, calcium, carbohydrates, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2 and vitamin C also promote the widespread usage of curry leaves, as it is used at the moment. Curry leaves have been proven to be medically recommended too, for a number of diseases such as diabetes, dysentery, diarrhea and nausea, which will be discussed in detail further in the blog.

Explicit advantages of curry leaves

Given the innumerable benefits of curry leaves, it becomes extremely important to talk about the advantages of curry leaves for the reasons mentioned earlier in the blog.

  • Reduces heart disease risks: The reducing action of curry leaves upon high cholesterol and triglyceride levels directly point towards the reduced risk of heart diseases due to the consumption of curry leaves. High cholesterol and triglyceride levels increase the risk of heart problems and stroke manifolds, which is battled by the consumption of curry leaves.
  • Regulate the pain transmission in your body: Curry leaves have proven to be highly beneficial when we talk of pain reducing properties. Due to the pain-reducing effects of curry leaves, they have found significant use in Ayurveda medicinal literature too.
  • Highly effective against bacterial infections: Curry leaves have proven themselves to be scientifically effective in inhibiting the growth of potentially harmful bacteria, thus adding another feather to the cap of benefits of curry leaves.
  • One of the best stress-busters: Curry leaves prove to be the best natural remedies to get rid of the accumulated load of stress in our gray matter. With enough scientific evidences supporting this, curry leaves should be used to reduce your stress after a long day.
  • Acts as a strong antioxidant: Curry leaves, being rich in antioxidants, prevents all of the free radicals from damaging our skin. So all in all, curry leaves, apart from providing flavour to food and adding up medicinal value, it skin care benefits too!


With all of the nutritional benefits, medicinal benefits and the delights curry leaves bring to the tongue, it becomes quite obvious for all to make it a part of their daily diet. After all, it cannot quite be negated now that, curry leaves can add up a whole new dimension to your health care sphere in life!