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4 Tips which helps to improve your lung health

12 June, 2021 Ananya Das

With the monotonous growth in air pollution, the lungs are getting exposed to high danger. Besides, smoking, attack by micro-organisms, or any chronic disease also contributes towards the deterioration of lung health.

There are various medical ways to equip the fight against various lung problems but they can’t prevent it from taking place nor can cure it completely. So, it’s quite safe and easy to perform some exercises to improve the capacity of the lungs and prepare it to fight any random, unknown danger to a good extent.

Let’s learn some exercises to improve lung health.

Exercises to improve lung health

  • Lion Pose: Same as the lion roars, In this, pose the doer is required to create loud sounds. This exercise helps in clearing the lungs from residual air left after every exhalation. Simple steps to perform this exercise are:
    • Sit such that the knees are comfortably apart and the toes of each foot are touching each other.
    • Bend a little forward with hands beside your knees.
    • Make arch with back and take head little backward.
    • Take the tongue out towards the chin and keep the mouth wide open.
    • Exhale via mouth producing loud ‘aah’ sound from the throat.
    • After exhaling close the mouth and inhale
    • Finally, relax your body.
  • Rid stretches: During every cycle of breathing the ribcage moves and stretches itself a little. Ribcage stretching exercises help to stretch the rib cage a little more which in turn creates space for the lungs, thus increasing lung capacity.
    • Stand straight with palms on the hips.
    • Inhale slowly till the lungs fill.
    • Hold the breath for at least 20sec or as per your capacity.
    • Slowly exhale.
    • Repeat.
  • Belly breathing: This is the best exercise considered so far for lung health, here the diaphragm is involved which is the dome-shaped muscular sheet separating chest and abdomen. This exercise is also called diaphragmatic breathing. Following are the steps followed to perform this exercise.
    • Sleep facing upward and straight in relax position.
    • Place your hands on the belly.
    • Inhale via nose with the stomach moving outward.
    • Exhale for 2 sec slowly to remove all air from lungs, move stomach inward
    • Repeat.
  • Humming: This is the easiest exercise to perform to increase lung capacity. Performing it helps to remove the stale air from the lungs and makes space for fresh air thus allowing a good flow of oxygen in the body. Alongside it also helps in stress reduction and relaxing.

Frequently Asked Questions on Lung Health

Q1.Can functioning of the lungs be improved by performing exercises?

A: Involvement of exercises in your daily routine helps to keep you fit and improves the heart health, maintain proper weight and also improve your lung capacity so as to get rid of problems like breathlessness and to some extent COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Q2. Which types of exercises are best for improving lung health?

A: Aerobic exercises involving walking, jumping, and running lead to an increase in the blood flow and breathing rate. This in turn improves the working efficiency of the heart and lung to keep them healthy.

Q3: What are the benefits of performing aerobic exercises?

A: Aerobic or breathing exercises help to relax the body, improve the oxygen intake of the body cells, detoxify the body, and helps to lower the stress thus overall enhances the energy level of the body.

Q4:Which foods are best to maintain proper lung health?

A: Edibles rich in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties with the required amount of essential fatty acids, selenium, and vitamin E are best for lung health. Some of the edibles with these characters are oats, barley, brown rice, and whole-grain food.

Q5: Is eggs consumption associated with lung health?

A: .Eggs have some carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin with anti-oxidant properties which helps to protect lungs from damage due to free radical molecules or oxidants.

Q6:Which fruits can help boost lung health?

A: Fruits possessing Vitamin C and antioxidants like citrus fruits (Lemon) enhances immunity, aids in fight against infections and improves working of lungs. Alongside, eating apple on daily basis can help to reduce the risk of asthma and help maintain proper functioning of lungs.

Q7:How to clean the lungs naturally?

A: The most effective and easy way to clear lungs naturally is by taking steam therapy where vapors of water containing certain vaporizers like vicks. This helps to open up the airways and drain mucus from the lungs. Alongside controlled coughing and chest percussions also help in clearing lungs.