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31 May, 2021 Ayesha Sana

As indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco kills in excess of 7,000,000 individuals every year. More than 6,000,000 deaths are a consequence of direct utilization, though 8,90,000 are the aftereffect of uninvolved smoking. Almost 100 million unexpected losses have been recorded in the twentieth century and the figure is set to increment to one billion by the 21st century.

The Member States of the World Health Organization made World No Tobacco Day in 1987 as a reaction to the worldwide tobacco emergency and the sicknesses and deaths brought about by the pandemic. The world no tobacco day theme for the year 2021 is “Commit to Quit”, urging individuals to quit the consumption of tobacco completely. This day every year is a reminder to every single individual that tobacco should be completely eradicated and its consumption and intake should also be stopped. We should ourselves take the initiative to fight the tobacco epidemic

We all know that tobacco is harmful not only to our health but to people around us as well. The chemicals present in tobacco harm various organs of our body. Chemicals like nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar, phenols, ammonia, formaldehyde, etc narrow our veins and arteries, deprives our heart of oxygen supply with no oxygen in lungs as well along with irritation to eyes and throat. They harm the lining of our windpipe and our body is not able to stop the incoming of harmful infections. They lead to what is known as a smoker’s cough, which makes us produce more mucus and harms the tissues present in the lungs.

Tobacco affects the internal organs badly; it also affects our external body and the way we look. Tobacco causes yellow stains on the tongue, fingers, etc, gives you bad breath, hair loss, and saggy skin with wrinkles. It mainly cut shorts your life expectancy drastically.

Though smoking tobacco has become quite common and cool among youth, we are well aware of the harms and side effects yet people tend to get addicted to tobacco. It is because it makes you feel better, forget your worries and tensions, it tempers with your nervous system giving you more energy and concentration power. But these all pleasures are of course very short-lived. Slowly and gradually, we get addicted and it seems almost impossible to even survive without tobacco for a day. We experience withdrawal symptoms and nicotine dependence. Later, no matter how hard we try, quitting becomes difficult and we tend to fall deeper and deeper into the vicious circle.

There are many rehabilitation centers and several medications available nowadays which help you to quit this unhealthy practice, it is better late than never. Smoking tobacco is nothing but inviting your own doom. It is like a silent killer; it seems enjoyable but is the deadliest habit a person can have.

Lack of proper public management, awareness campaigns are responsible for the failure of the system. People have easy and quick access to such deadly drugs and are easier for anyone to purchase them. The tobacco sellers sell their products with warnings, but the improvement in the public health community definitely needs some renovation. No matter how much to an extent this issue is acknowledged, we will remain at square one till the sales are legal. World No Tobacco Day isn't proclaimed as a Public Holiday. It is praised with loads of missions that are successful.

It is vital for the Government to boycott it in the World as it can prompt numerous Diseases like Lung Cancer, Heart attack, Heart Chronic Diseases, Heart Strokes, various kinds of cancer, and so on.

World No Tobacco Day is utilized to accomplish the objective to stay away from Tobacco eating in all the Countries. It is fundamental for individuals to get information on Tobacco to make themselves stay away from any danger due to the evil impacts of Tobacco. Tobacco prompts numerous risky illnesses like Cancer, cerebral pain, Damage of the Mouth, and some more.

The public authority raises the cost of tobacco consistently. This is generally done to discourage and keep away individuals from smoking. However, smokers keep on being captives of this propensity and frequently spend a significant piece of their income on cigarettes. Cigarette ads draw individuals into smoking and most dynamic smokers cause a lot of mischief to uninvolved smokers also.

The tobacco industry does contribute to the economy of the country, but the contribution is minor. Instead, tobacco plants can be genetically modified to produce medicines that could be helpful for illnesses like diabetes and autoimmune diseases. The belief is that, through the sales of tobacco, the country’s economy is prospering. But this belief is just a myth that blindfolds the population.

The utilization and sales of tobacco are recognizably unfortunate due to its dangers to the consumer's wellbeing which is then spread to different individuals. Since tobacco is habit-forming, people cannot effectively and willingly stop the intake of the addictive drug. The huge control measure thus lies in forbidding the sales and usage of tobacco.