Cardiac Care

26 April, 2021 Yachna Subba Thokliyaahang

Heart is the only organ that is often termed with home and love. There is a high chance that we can survive without a kidney or a liver but we cannot by any means survive without a heart. Heart is a vital organ, a major part of the circulatory system. The heart is located in the front at the middle of your chest. Your heart is the size of your clenched fist. The heart is responsible for the circulation of blood. The heart consists of your chambers- the upper chambers- and the lower chambers.

A heart is the centre of the circulatory system. We know that it is a very important internal organ. It is our responsibility to take care of our heart. A healthy heart means a healthy life. Hence the blog today is about how we can take care of our heart.

There are several healthy habits that can benefit your heart. Few of them include-


Exercise is the easiest way to extend forward your care to heart. Exercise enables your heart to pump more blood which means your heart rate and your blood pressure would stay normal. Moreover exercises will help you burn the extra fat and calories that is very much harmful to your heart. Even the simplest of exercises such as jogging, walking, cycling can help your heart get healthier. So brace up and off you go, to get a fit heart and a fit life.


Diet almost tops the chart, every now and then when it comes to health. “You are what you eat”. Indeed we are what we consume. Green vegetables, whole grains, berries, walnuts, beans, avocados and even dark chocolate are some of the food that would help your heart stay fit.

Red meat, bacon, excess sugar or salt, fats, junk food, smoke, alcohol are few stuff that you should ignored in order to keep your heart healthy.


Stress is harmful both for your brain and your heart. Your heart automatically reacts to stress you face. It may result in the deflection of your blood pressure. A stress free environment therefore is on our third number on how you can keep your heart fit. Stress can be reduces through very simple ways, sometimes as simple as a conversations can do a good job.


The consumption of alcohol, tobacco and smoking has never done any good in any way. You need to stay as far as possible from these items. These items lead to heart failure. It is necessary to QUIT smoking or drinking if you wish to maintain a healthy heart.


Obesity or overweight lead to increase in blood pressure. A healthy heart requires a fit body. Hence it is must to keep your body fit. Exercise regularly and try not to gain too much weight. If you have obesity, join gyms or exercise regularly in order to keep your heart fit. Obesity can even lead to heart failure. Maintain a fit body.


Staying happy is the key to keep your heart healthy. Happy people eat well, sleep well and stay well. Each of these contributes to lower the blood pressure. Try to stay around positive people, the ones with whom you stay happy. Happy and stress free environment is good for your heart.


Visit the doctor at least once a month to check if your heart is doing good. There is a higher chance of you to get heart disorders after the age of 45. It is better to constantly remain in touch with your doctor. After all,“precaution is always better than cure”.


Cardiac disorders are one of the major reasons for death worldwide. Heart forms a very major part of our body. It is important for us to take care of it. The above mentioned were some of the easiest way to take care of your heart. Do keep your heart fit in order to have a long and a healthier life. Remember you have two kidneys, two lungs, but you only have one heart. You loss your heart, you lose your life. Act now before it’s too late.