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Cancer 'Remedies' That Don't Work

12 April, 2021 Yachna Subba Thokliyaahang

The generation today is more active on internet. We have advanced to such a high extent that we even shop, contact or pay online. The technology has indeed done wonders. But even in such a phase we, humans have failed to find solutions to some of our problems. There has been continuous improvement in every field, whether it is organic or scientific. Everyday hundreds of new inventions are recorded. Today the world is at the verge of going back to what it was, in spite of these abundant developments. The reason for this is the sickness that is hovering around and over. No particular cure is yet found. There are several such diseases of which no cure exists. One of it is cancer- one of the major death cause worldwide.

Now, we humans can get the information of almost everything with one swipe of our hand. Let’s not deny, humans are smart. Despite of this we for once do come in the grip of frauds. We have it in our nature, to be convinced; to believe in bizarre stuff; to be quickly influenced. These are some of our attributes which if ignored and not quitted, might get us in a "not so good situation".

Even when it comes to health, some of us still put superstition and the various so called remedies first. We neglect the medical processes. The result- the condition of patient turns worse. In some cases even deaths are reported. It is thus our duty to know what we are consuming in the name of medicines; it is us who must stay alert and safe.

Cancer being a major common disease, we hear so much of it from others. But all of what you hear might not be true. There are people who might give you instructions on how you can cure cancer with some easy remedies. You must be aware of it and for your best, it is better if you ignore such conversation. The truth we know is that cancer can be treated but not be cured. The treatment of cancer is only possible through medical processes. No other treatments work. If it would have, the doctors worldwide would have already been using it.

With these points, today’s blog would comprise of such irrelevant remedies for cancer which you should ignore, for the best of your health:

Alkaline Diets
There is this irrational belief that cancer cells do not survive in low acid / alkaline. Some of us tend to believe this and include certain diets that trigger our body's acidic level. We happen to believe that this diet might actually prevent cancer cells from growing. But this is not true. The food we eat does not control the level of the acid in our body.

Caesium Chloride
Caesium chloride is a form of salt. It is very popular and is sold worldwide for the purpose to cure cancer. But this is not true. A research has proved that caesium chloride does not prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Cannabis Oil
The oil extracted from the marijuana plant does not help you cure cancer. It may help you ease the side-effects though, but there is no proof that the cannabis oil can help you treat cancer. Besides, the oil can have serious side effects.

Black Salve
An ointment made from zincchloride and herbs, it is said that this cream triggers the cancer cell in your skin. But the truth is that it only damages the skin further and makes the condition much worse.

Herbs do not help you cure cancer, rather if consumed when in the process of chemotherapy and radiation; it even prevents the medications to work.

Essential Oils
These are scented oils extracted from tea, lavender, rose, etc. People say that essential oils have the properties to prevent cancer. But this is not true at all.

Gerson Therapy
This therapy was created in order to treat migraine. People believe this therapy works for the cancer too. The therapy includes dose of 13 glasses orange juice with veggie diet with no salt or spice. This therapy does not help you treat cancer.

Vitamin C
Some of the people believe that vitamin C can prevent cancer cells growth. But this is not true. Do not take dose of vitamin C without the prescription of the doctor

The above mentioned are some of the remedies you should ignore. Be a smart person and visit the doctor for the successful treatment of cancer. Do not try remedies in any circumstances. It might worsen the situation. Beware of frauds! Beware of so called cancer remedies!

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