Immunosuppressant Drugs

07 April, 2021 Roshni Asati

Immunosuppressant Drugs is a category of medication that suppresses, or reduces, the strength of the body’s immune system. Some of this medication area unit accustomed to create the body less seemingly to reject a transplanted organ, like a liver, heart, or kidney. Sometimes this medication class is also known as anti-rejection medication.

Other medication area units typically accustomed treat reaction disorders like lupus, psoriasis, and atrophic arthritis.

Types of Immunosuppressant Drugs:

There are basically two types of immunosuppressant drugs:

Induction drug - It used at the time of transplantation of organs.

Maintenance drug - It used for the long term.

What is the need for these drugs?

Autoimmune diseases work against the tissues of their own body. They can be dangerous. This immunosuppressant could break the reaction of these kinds of diseases as they lower the immunity system.

List of the autoimmune diseases that can be treated by immunosuppressant:



Rheumatoid arthritis

Crohn's diseases

Multiple sclerosis

Alopecia areata

Organ transplant:

Generally, people with transplanted organs are advised this drug as our body immune system might treat the newly transplanted organ as a foreign organ and work against it. This might cause serious damage to the organ.

Immunosuppressant drugs reduce the ability of our immune system to fight against foreign cells and hence this allowed the transplanted organ to stay healthy that is free from damage.

Some of its side effects are:

One in every of the aspect effects of that medicine is a magnified prone of infections. This can be a lot of a haul within the early amount once a transplant or following treatment of a rejection as a result of the indefinite quantity of that medicine is higher at these times. You must take a decision to consult your doctor if you have:

Fever on top of one hundred degrees

Drainage from your surgical scar

Burning once you pass your excreta

A cold or cough that may not getaway

The most common aspect effects of the immune suppressant drug medicine are "stomach upset". If this happens, raise your doctor if you'll area your drugs at totally different times to assist with this downside.

About half-dozen months to a year once transplant, the immunological disorder is typically down and therefore the likelihood of aspect-effects ought to below. If you continue to have aspect effects, speak to your transplant team of your doctors to either modify the dose or switch to other drugs. Changes to immune suppressant drug drugs ought to solely be created once checking along with your transplant organ.

List of immuno suppressants:

Here is the list which is totally dependent on the immune level and also the cause of the need for medicine like if you are having it for immune disorders, organ transplant, or any other condition.


Calcineurin inhibitors

Janus kinase inhibitors

mTOR inhibitors

IMDH inhibitors


Monoclonal antibodies

Some warnings that can't be ignored:

Doctor consultation is always recommended in case a patient already has kidney and liver diseases, Patient is allergic to some of the drugs or the ingredient of the immunosuppressant drug if he/ she have a history of chickenpox.

What are the medicines and foods that work against these immunosuppressants?

Yes, although food is natural but could have negative impacts on the health of the patient if he/she is taking the immunosuppressant drug. Some medicines and supplements might work against and lowers the impact of these drugs on the body. Some of the foods and medicines are –grapefruit juice, some blood pressure medicines, and erythromycin, anti TB medicines.

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Autoimmune diseases are very common nowadays and can be dangerous or can invite other diseases too. Here in this blog we discussed immunosuppressants and try to cover all the important points related to it. These immunosuppressants drugs might helpful for some of the conditions but it has some disadvantages too as it is suppressing our immunity do that we are more prone to another type of infections. In this case, even a viral fever needs to take care of immediately.

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