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Top 8 Reasons Why Zinc is important for our Health?

26 March, 2021 Roshni Asati

Vitamins and minerals are very necessary for our health and overall upliftment for our body. Zinc is a nutrient that helps in building cells in our body. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of zinc in this blog.

1) Helps in curing headache-Zinc is very good for the prevention of the frequency of migraine attacks. Zinc is an important nutrient that performs crucial roles for the entire body. Studies found that taking zinc as prescribed by the doctor can reduce the severity of headaches.

Zinc deficiency might increase our hair loss, growth retardation, and skin or eye lesions.

2) Helps in curing a common cold-Zinc is becoming popular in the treatment of the common cold and even in coronavirus as zinc helps us in increasing our immunity against viruses. Some studies found that the intake of zinc reduces the duration of cold and cough. It also helps in decreasing infections in lungs and children and as well as in adults. Vitamin C combination with zinc even works better in case of cold. Zinc also helps in sensing taste and smell.

Some food sources for zinc are chicken, red meat,and cereals.

3) Good for enhancing learning power-Study shows that our body needs dopamine for staying positive and motivated. It also helps in body movements as well. Zinc is used by our brain for this dopamine synthesis.

Dopamine is also important for increasing learning and memory power. Studies show that zinc supplements help in enhancing our memory power and concentration power.

Zinc ions are also present in the hippocampus which is a complex brain structure and has a major role in learning and memorizing things.

4) Prevention in Osteoporosis-A healthy body is capable of changing bone tissues at regular intervals but in the case of a person with osteoporosis will not be able to replace old tissues with the new ones. Even a fall or a little stress can turn out to be a fracture.

Zinc is essential for overall skeletal growth and bone homeostasis. Zinc also helps in the regeneration of our bones. Hence intake of zinc promotes bone growth and stability. Some studies show that a combination of zinc and copper might be used in the treatment of osteoporosis.

5) Helps in healing wound-Zinc is considered a micronutrient and is good for human development. Zinc plays a very important role in the entire wound healing process. It speeds up the healing process.

Zinc is required by our body in processes like regeneration of tissues and immune defense.

Doctors might recommend us to take elemental zinc every-day in case of a wound or any injury due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Hence zinc works great in covering skin wounds.

6) Increases immunity-Immunity enhances with the combination of vitamin c and zinc. Zinc helps in boosting our immune system and also supports normal growth. Zinc fights against viruses and keeps our body less vulnerable to death causing viruses and bacteria. Studies show that topical zinc helps in treating infections and rashes.

It also helps in treating diseases like HIV, herpes, high cholesterol. It is true that the presence of zinc in vegetarian food is less and hence doctors advise us to take zinc supplements that prevent us from zinc deficiencies.

7) Helps in treating diarrhea and prevents damage of gut lining-Some studies show that zinc is necessary for protein synthesis. Zinc is also responsible for the intestinal transport of electrolytes and water.

Zinc also helps in restoring damaged gut lining. Gut lining might be damaged due to a lack of zinc intake.

8) Supports during pregnancy –Zinc is very necessary for the overall development of the baby inside the mother’s womb. Lack of zinc might cause premature baby or breaks the overall development of the baby inside however a person should take appropriate doses as prescribes by the doctor.


Zinc is as important as any other mineral or vitamin but an overdose of anything can be dangerous. I personally advise going for the best doctor consultation before taking any medicines. Zinc can be effective for the prevention of hair loss and also helps in enhancing immunity power. It helps in treating wounds fast.

Zinc might help in cell growth, cell division, and the breakdown of carbohydrates.