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7 Measures to improve your back Pain

26 March, 2021 Roshni Asati

In this blog, we are discussing the most basic 7 ways that every person should take care of their back pain

1) Rest for some time after prolonged bending-When due to some work like gardening or cleaning, we might bend forward for a long time. During this time our spine and ligaments posture could have some changes in positions. These changes may be stiff temporarily for the time we bent. To retain its position back, it may take few minutes. So we should take rest for few seconds or even a few minutes to our spine to take its shape back.

If it is not so then it may generate some sudden stress between the ligaments because of the sudden change in the shape of the spine. Then it may lead to some spine injuries.

2) Take care during lifting-Lifting things could be a cause of lower back pain. Sometimes due to everyday activities such as lifting grocery bags, lifting your young child unconsciously, we end up with serious back pain. Lifting while twisting, even leads to severe back injuries. Some measures could help us from back injuries such as –

These small measures might help us in the prevention of major injuries or deformities.

3) Practice yoga and exercises–Yoga is very famous and also safe when it comes to taking care of our back. It can also help you to release stress and tension between the spine and its joints. Different postures of yoga can help in enhancing spine flexibility and in this way it becomes less vulnerable to stress, pain, and sudden shocks.

Regular exercises could help you maintain the overall body posture. It can provide strength to our feet and legs by making it more strong and flexible as overall body strength is very necessary for avoiding back pain and injuries. If your feet and knees will be strong then the weight of the body will be distributed and hence no direct stress will be put on the spine.

4)Use of ergonomic office chair–There can be different causes behind back pain and continuous bad sitting posture is one of them. Most of the time, we all are spending sitting in bad posture in our offices unknowingly. This can cause greater injuries in the future that might not be curable then.

We can use an ergonomic chair that provides our spine support and hence lowers the impact of spine pain or back pain. This kind of chair helps in making our spine aligned. In addition, placing a small rolled towel to the back provides us with more support.

It is also recommended to have an alarm every few hours that remind you to check your sitting posture.

5) Use of soft pillows while sleeping-Some soft pillows are there that can support our position. Using them at night can prevent us from back pain. They even align our neck and shoulders with the entire body so that it eventually helps our back to stay aligned. We can try to always use pillows that are perfect to fill the gap between our neck and the bed, in this way we can keep our back straight while sleeping.

Using two pillows at a time or hard pillows can cause strain and stress to our shoulders and spine and can even lead to a permanent deformity.

6) Prevent overweight-Most of the diseases can be prevented by controlling weight and doing regular exercises. Overweight in the belly and other parts of the body might put more stress on our spinal cord. Fat accumulation near to bones can make it less flexible or hard to bend sometimes.

Experts and researchers find that losing weight might help us with partial or complete pain relief.

7) Stretching at proper intervals-These stretching exercises can give us good posture. Chest up, Chin tuck, Snow angel, Doorway stretch are some of them. These are common stretching exercises that we can do on regular basis. Stretching basically helps to warm up our body and it is very important to perform stretching before any exercise so that less stress can be put on the spine or back.


This blog has some basic ways that can help us with good posture and in this way can help us improve our back health. It is always recommended to consult or to take advice from experts before doing any of the exercises and to listen to our bodies. It is always good to stop when you are feeling pain during exercise.

  • Try to bend your legs and knees instead of bending back
  • While holding some objects try to hold them close to your chest so that they will not put direct stress on your spine.