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4 Smart ways to support your mental health as you Age

24 March, 2021 Roshni Asati

Mental health is important in everyone's life. There are some activities which people can adopt so that they can take care of their mental health as they are getting older.

In this blog, we are discussing some ways that can support our mental health

  • Connection with others-Loneliness can lead to depression-like situations. It can even make a person hollow from inside. Engagement with different people can prevent you from such situations. Everyone in this world needs relationships at some point in their lives. Healthy relationships or engagements could give us a chance to share our feelings and experiences with others. Good relationships and gatherings also provide you and others emotional support.

    Some researchers also found that strong social connections can strengthen immune power as people with high social connectivity are less prone to anxiety and depression. It also helps in recovering disease faster and in this way even lengthens our lives.

    Studies also found that lessen social connections might increase the risk of problems like obesity and high blood pressure. It is always recommended to always have at least one true and best friend to whom you can almost share everything you are going through. Social connectedness is important to have good health.

    Strong connectivity with family, friends, and relatives can ensure our happiness, security and always make us feel that there is someone who believes in us. Social connection always matters and required for brain health. These kinds of relationships are important in the workplace as well as outside our workplace.


  • Physical activities-Physical activities are not only good for maintaining physical health but also mental health. Even a simple 15-30 minute walk has the power to change our mood and could convert our sadness into happiness. Regular exercises could have a great impact on preventing diseases like depression and stress. It also helps in de-stressing our bodies and improves memory.

    Physical activities and exercises like swimming, yoga, walking and running, etc can be the best way to keep ourselves engaged and hence prevent overthinking. Sweating during physical exercises helps our body to release endorphins, norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. These are called happy neurotransmitters and are linked with many positive responses in both minds and in our bodies.

    These activities have a huge potential in increasing well-being. People who are regular to physical activities are less vulnerable to mental health problems and have a high positive attitude towards like. They always keen to see positivity in everything and thus also possess an increase in self-esteem.

    Even a simple exercise like aerobic classes and dance classes on daily basis could cure problems like chronic anxiety etc. Physical exercises can lead to a good and happy mood and hence can change to a better way of solving or handling problems.


  • Get enough of sleep-Lack of sleep could link to many severe diseases like heart disease, depression, and type-2 diabetes. It will boost up our mood and lowers the risk of heart diseases. Less sleep making our day worst as because of this we might not able to concentrate on important things. Problems like insomnia can even worse our health problems as it might increase the risk of bipolar depression.
    Good and sound sleep helps in the reduction of stress. It also enables us to think properly during work. Good sleep can lead to better decision-making capabilities and thinking or memory power. Studies also found that at some point it will also enhance our immune system. Meditation for 10-15 minutes daily might help us to have a sound sleep every day.


  • Learn how to de-stress yourself-We should always try to involve activities that help us distressing ourselves. These activities might be listening to soothing music, playing with kids, watching light movies with family and friends, doing meditation.
    We should also try to speak in front of people who are trustworthy and can advise us to solve our problems. Practicing breathing exercises can even lead to relaxing our minds.
    Changing of stressful environment can also help in diverting ourselves from stress. Reading books and writing could also be a great stress remover.


We should not overlook mental problems. If things are extreme we can also consult with doctors and can even go for advice to be family members and friends. Socializing with the right people could increase our strength in handling problems. We should try to read or listen to experiences with different people as it might change our way to look at our problems.